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Hello!! My name is Nayana and Welcome to my blog Cherish Dream Live.

We are a family of three - me , my husband and our toddler son live in a Townhouse in NJ. This is our first home, we moved in to the house with a newborn in our hand in 2010 in a hope to create a little heaven of our own. we LOVE our house and LOVE creating memories in it, its all about Cherishing yesterday, Dream about tomorrow and Live for today.

we are a normal family living with a toddler in house and I have learned to embrace imperfection. Hubby and I both believe that creating a beautiful home is not about buying fancy things, bring it in the house and call it done. It is a process to create memories, surround us by the things we love and have a meaning.

By heart I am a traditional girl but often I get pulled by modern elements too...Our style is eclectic and we try to add in our traditional Indian heritage also.

Join me as we add character to our home one project at a time and share home decor, gardening ideas squeezed in with DIYs and some occasional photography and musings...... 


  1. Nayana,

    I love your blog and the flowers and lemons are splendid. I would love to organize a home tour of my space in the future. Right now it is so messy. But it is a Gothic apartment in Italy 800 years old.
    I found you from Romantic Home

    1. Natalie, Thank you so much. I would love to do a home tour and I am sure my readers would love to see 800 years old apartment. Whenever you are ready , you can send me pictures at nayana.cdl(at)gmail.com

  2. Lovely blog Nayana. Just came across your blog this week and I love it. I am a total believer of DIY decoration and not just buying fancy things and putting up around the house. So I am always working on some art project around the house which keeps me going. :)

  3. You have such a beautiful blog, Nayana. Reading all your past posts and it has certainly made my morning more beautiful.
    Love from San Francisco :).

  4. Hey Nayana, what a beautiful space you have, loved all the projects, I love ethnic decor. It gives a different feel, takes the decor to another level.

    I have created a space which I call Mothers Gurukul, I write about parenting topics, DIY/Craft.,, recipes and more. Feel free to visit my page.

    Here is one of my posts in DIY category http://mothersgurukul.com/simple-diy-mirror-decoration/


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