Home tour - Pinky and Ajay's pride and joy in Toronto,Canada

Today is a very special day for Pinky and her family as exactly two year ago this day they moved in to their new home. Congratulations and our best wishes that you get to create so many amazing beautiful happy memories in this house. I am so thrilled that on this special day Pinky is sharing her beautiful abode with all of us here at CDL, I am amazed how beautifully they have stamped their personality in the house in 2 years.
It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce her to all of you. Pinky's blog is a visual treat to the eyes, filled with creativity,  home decor ideas, party decor and entertaining ideas, travel and much more. Pinkz Passion is now one of my favorite blog.  I find her writing very easy to read and from the heart , beautiful photography, inspirational decor ideas, pretty vignettes and can feel that she pours her heart in to everything she does.

I am going to let her take over as she takes us on the tour of her pride and joy :)

We, the Shah’s (Pinky - a graduate of Business Administration/ Ajay – an engineer /Pushti – A tough and fastidious daughter/Prayag – a pre-teen boy and a baby of the house) revel in our fairly new (2 years old) built backing into ravine home here in Toronto.
A bit of team work, bunch of our own gut feelings and a happy mix of new contemporary and few old classic pieces tot up our dream world. My design mantra is not strict or stuck on any fixed fundas, thus still struggling to compose an exact style of decoration. We both are house proud and, “our home is our pride!” Our home is filled with the layers of our own personalities! Many treasured collectibles are waiting to lease on life for a perfect corner, room or wall in new home. Some specially handpicked and bulky brass collectibles from my husband’s travel are still on mission to fit in the home.
Just a year before the stroke of a millennium year, our migration took place to Canada, spending few years in Africa. Switching home from a rented apartment after 3 years to a brand new home for 12 years, we felt a desire to displace. It undoubtedly turned out to be a pleasurable, startling and thrilling endeavour for us to relocate this being our third home in Canada. With tons of ideas packed in our mind for this big move, we gleefully grabbed the freedom of few structural modifications as per our taste.
Spending 12 big years in a home where bright cinnamon red and tulip pink were bathed excessively, we decided to go with neutral walls for new home where we can play around adding other colourful accents.

The striking foyer, open to above ceiling and curved stair cases in the builder’s plan enthralled both of us to endorse this home. 


The elephant is prepared out of an intricate inlaid marble work; two ledges on stairs were perfect to place both of them.

Entrance ways welcomes an open foyer festooned by our daughter’s bold colored Ganesha paintings.  It adds a mystical drama and a spurt of color to the space. The wall is an absolute stunner, where every visitor pauses for a minute before entering the home.  


Fully functional and custom made laundry room happens to be an alternative entrance from our garage, and often doubles up as a mud room. Oodles of laundry gets taken care with that granite top with ease.


A pampered thought of transforming the ingenious look of powder room from basic of builders was in rear of my head before it was even built. New vanity and a neutral stone accent wall made this room a place of beauty not only for our guests but also for us!
The library/den is purposely adapted into our home temple with some ethnic touches. Innovatively paired doors do leave a noticeable impression on foyer. I lose myself in that room every morning keeping the rest of the world at bay. Our preserved religious gatherings and Diwali pujas are taken care in this big space. The pichvai (something at the back of God) is a treasure trove of my husband on one of his business trips, which echoes the extracts from the life of Lord Krishna. Not sure of its authentic era but was tattered poorly. In desire to treasure it forever, I topped it off by adding some niceties of zari border and khatli work (lace embroidery and pearl and mirror work) on my last visit to India. The temple seemed quite small for our home but we are emotionally attached to it as it was our very first abode of God since last 14 years.


Let’s be honest, I’m in the kitchen a lot where I spend endless hours cooking up storms with blasting phone, since we both are ever willing and zealous hosts.  I bet our proud kitchen ticks off an impressive number of boxes that appear on today’s style modern kitchen. Ample amount of natural light, plenty of storage, great deal of counter space and functionally beautiful area sums up to be our KITCHEN.


Living Room: Rich, sumptuous and lightly indulgent peacock colour is grounded with some other coffee and black colour to get an exotic flavour in our living room. Taking inspirations from the plumage of the peacock fire screen itself, some golden touches completes the palette in the room.  As an alternative of regular couches and giant store fittings, the room is infused with Pier 1, and Home Goods uniqueness. Hence I pompously endorse this room as a fusion of traditional and modern flair.

I always favour incorporating a little breathing in a room rather than overwhelming a place. It lets you better appreciate the merits of each piece.



Our Ganesha collections over the period of 16+ years are the best candidates for putting our personal stamp in our living room. My husband’s exceptionally astute eye for traditional and exclusive finds through his travel to distance part of the world has led to an exquisite collection of Ganesha. Our proud crew of Ganesha strongly gain swaying imprint on our guests. Occasionally, with a glint of change in my mind, I take pleasure of transiting them in different corners of our home.

Our family room is our chill out zone. Lots of family activities take place in this room so, no surprise; it ends up jumbled and topsy-turvy at times. Functional and laid-back style is maintained for our everyday living recapitulated as our Family room.  Generous size of couch (can also be reformed as sectional) is often turned into a day bed when I slink away with a book after a busy day. Ottomans are detachable and can be quickly called into service to double the capacity in the room or as a coffee table to set ones drink.


Banks of windows bring the outdoors in by showcasing great view of our backyard. The doze of brick was not adequate for me in only powder room and I went wild with the bricks creating an accent wall in a family room as well. Now that upshot has turned this room into one of the signature room of our home. 

Family portraits being the center of attraction in this room, doubles the drama. Picturesque family fall portraits are captured within our backyard.
Structural home plan offered 2 sided fire place in 2 main rooms: Living & Family, bearing in mind the need for us Torontonians to snuggle to it as close as possible on those frigid winter evenings.  I took the liberty of dressing both the fireplaces with handsome fire screens.


We are truly blessed living in the laps of mother-nature at the first trace of dawn and last mark of dusk.  Impressed enough by the beauty of backyard, my daunting thought about residing by the ravine lot was easily solved.

Wow...Pinky I can not believe how far you have come with the house in just 2 years. I am sure our readers will enjoy and get tons of inspirations from this amazing home tour. Do not forget to check out Pinky's blog Pinkz Passion and Like her  Facebook page to keep getting beautiful inspirations.
Thanks you so much Pinky!!

Images: all images are provided by Pinkz Passion.

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