Five tips to grow succulents successfully indoor

I love Succulents and Cactus. I love how neat, fuss free, clean and most importantly pretty they look but I had always issue of keeping them alive. I mean I would buy them and in few weeks maybe a month or max two and it will go dead.

I had stopped buying succulents but I love them so much so I thought of giving it a second chance and in last one year I have added few, they are doing well this time , some of them even flowered, gave babies and even I have also propagated a few :)

5 tips to grow succulents indoor

I am no expert but I think slowly I have figured out few things that help them survive and grow :) So here are five things that I learned while growing them which can help you grow succulents successfully indoor:

1. Soil - Choosing the right soil is very important. It needs a we'll drained potting soil. In regular potting soil roots will start to rot as it will hold too much moisture. I use miracle grow soil for cactus and palm.

5 tips to grow succulents indoor

2. Choosing the right planter- what I learned is planting in shallow container works better than big dip containers as there will not be much extra soil to hold moisture. Make sure your planter has hole for drainage so extra water comes out and roots doesn't rot. That means do not start your succulent growing adventure with terrarium unless you are pro;)

5 tips to grow succulents indoor

3. Location- Cactus and Succulents like bright sunny location. Put them in the brightest location in you home and they will be very happy, nearby west or south facing window or windowsill.

5 tips to grow succulents indoor

4. Water : Be very careful of not to over water, yes succulents and cactus will require very less watering specially in winter months. May be once a week to ten days in summer and every 3-4 weeks in winter. So if you are forgetting to water your plants, succulents are perfect for you. After watering the plant don't let them sit in water, throw any extra water out that will come out.

5 tips to grow succulents indoor

5. Dress it up with small pebbles, stones : Not only they make your container look pretty but this will prevent from succulent leaves touching the soil and prevent rotting.

As I mentioned I am no expert but these are few things I have learned over the time to keep my succulents alive and thrive indoors, hope these will help you out. Is there any other tips for growing succulents that is working for you?Do share, would love to know :)

Guest Post and Home tour - Home is where the heart is by VandanaChaudhary

I have featured Vandana's old home here on CDL last year, it was full of personality and decorated with great aesthetics. Now Vandana has moved in to her own abode and she recently started her blog Seasons in the sun , Vandana is a great writer, very expressive and her design, decor style is very genuine , vibrant and from the heart so go on check out her blog. I assure you , you will visit it regularly :)

Today Vandana is guest posting here about her thoughts on home, some decorating tips and beautiful pics from her new home.

Over to Vandana now....

"Home is where the heart is! A very old and popular saying to which I totally subscribe to! What is a 'home'? Well, each one of us have something to say about our home. I remember how as a teacher of Social Studies and EVS in the primary section of school,I used to talk about what a house is and differentiate between a house and a home.One, a completely logical explanation and the other,so much about our heart:)..... And today, as I write about my home, I express from my heart. Home, to me,is all things beautiful. It is a place of peace,a confluence of all emotions positive. The moment I step into my little abode, I find solace, a place I want to come back to,so much so that I do not want to spend a minute extra outside,post my scheduled work timing! This might sound a little crazy,I know. But that's my love and obsession for my home. I call it my 'my matchbox' for its area, a place, we created and are still creating. It is still evolving with elements we love and try to incorporate.



Our house of brick and cement and mortar came up when we were tired of shifting to new spaces,thanks to the whims and fancies of some of our owners. A rented place is after all a temporary solution to housing. And one fine day, we felt we had enough of this! With a limited budget, we set off. After what seemed to be a long search, ( it's not an easy task,specially if your expectations are high as compared to your finances! ) we managed to zero in on this place that has become our home now. And it continues to be despite the fact that we are now low on space. We have been trying to utilize as much space as possible but the challenge continues. At times I feel that even Hercules had an easier task than us! With an almost grown up boy, aged parents from both sides, relatives and friends at times, housing anyone is not easy! The comfort factor comes to mind when anybody comes visiting.

Despite all these challenges,we have tried our best to make our home as we would want it to be,warm,cozy and inviting.
Each little artifact I have displayed has a story to tell or a memory I cherish. The souvenirs I picked up from our trips to places of interest remind me of the lovely time we had:) may be a stone bull (Nandi) or a figurine of Ganesha from Belur-Halebidu or a vintage lock and key from Udaipur..... Or some spices from Wyanad (Kerala). When placed in a small decorative bowl on the center table,they emit that absolutely divine fragrance that is so natural! And these are 'home' to me:-D..... The often quoted saying amongst decor enthusiasts that 'a home is an extension of the self' holds good for me,too. 
Here are a few tips to create a pretty home,the kind that does not require pots of money. I make use of throws, in the absence of good ones,I even make use of the pretty dupattas and stoles! This really adds to the drama and makes a settee a fashionable place!


The liberal use of cushion covers,both interesting,quirky and colorful, make any space come alive. I have always been a great fan of color in any form works for me!


There are those times when I am not able to visit the florist. Tiny yellow and white chrysanthemums and button roses in vibrant hues turn into my flower options:).....
Changing the mats is another option for a new look. Shifting the smaller pieces of furniture,again,does the trick of a changed look. Adding a few collectibles here and there can also bring in some change......


These,I feel,are the simplest ways of enhancing the look of a space. They are doable as well as affordable."
Thank you so much Vandana for sharing these tips and beautiful pics from your home. I am inspired and I am sure CDL readers will benefit and inspire from it too...
Do not forget to check Vandana's blog. she blogs at  Seasons in the sun ......

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