Guest Post and Garden tour: Painted pots by Design Decor and Disha

Today we have Disha of blog Design Decor and Disha on CDL sharing her rainbow balcony garden with some DIY planters and pots. Lots of Inspiration on how to convert your ordinary container in to planters, the way she has reused, re purposed and created some amazing planters is Amazing so without any delay let me handover to Disha...
Over to Disha of Design Decor and Disha...

When my husband and I bought a house I was very excited, as I was getting a blank canvas to which slowly and passionately I started filling colours that reflect my personality. I consider my self lucky that I got two really big balconies and that too open to sky. I felt more close to mother nature almost in nature's nap. I have a green thumb and big balconies tempted me to grow my own garden. I love gardening and I love to paint too. Hence I grew garden and painted all the pots myself to add colours in my garden. That way my garden reflects both my qualities.
My garden is the most beautiful place in my home, where I like to unwind. Almost every morning and evening I sip my cuppa there, looking at my blooming beauties and colourful pots. I call my garden 'Indradhanush Vatika' (Rainbow Garden). Here are some of my hand painted pots that I truly love.

These tiny pots are actually plastic food containers, I painted them in colours that compliments the colour of blooms.

These are two white pots with dash of colour on them. To one pot I sticked stones and on the other I painted tiny peacocks.

I always try different pattern and style when I paint pots. This blue pot got heena design on it.

My Bani Thani pot inspired by Rajasthani art. I planted yellow fairy Lily in it. It looks beautiful when it is full of blooms.

The below one I painted in dripping effect painting and I loved the effect. It certainly added drama to my garden. This corner is my favorite place in my garden.

I love all king of Indian art forms. Specially Warli art for its simplicity. So on one pot I painted Warli art. You can spot the spring green pot done in Madhubani art too in below image.

Then I turned an unused black pitcher into this vibrant and beautiful planter. I painted two Lotuses on it in different colour and did lot of shading. I call it 'Pot full of happiness'. Am I wrong?

I planted bougainvillea in it. Sight is mesmerizing when bougainvillea is full of soft pink blooms.

This was a small bucket lying unused so I painted it and planted Salvia in it. I painted it in colours that compliment Salvia flowers.

This is again a plastic food container turned into a planter. It has Gazania in it. Unfortunately Gazania died and I planted Aloe Vera in it and it's growing wild in such tiny pot.

I tried my hands on cracked effect painting too. I make sure that the colour I choose for pot should compliment the blooms of the plant that is planted in it. See the happy Verbena here :)

The below one is also cracked effect painting but with some motifs and I used more than three colours. 9 O'clock flowers just unfurling.

By now you must have known that I love recycling and this plastic bottles hanging planter is result of my love for recycling.

Plants that I planted in it are doing well and it's almost covered in green and make a beautiful sight. See the image below.

One more corner of my garden with painted pots.

I recycled lot of things so how can I leave the water can that I was hoarding since long. I turned it into planter too. I used glue gun to make embossed pattern on it.

Like my home my garden is also an ever evolving place. I keep adding colours and character to not only my home but garden too. Some more gardening projects are already on my mind will give them shape once I find some spare time.
Hope you enjoyed looking at pictures of my small balcony garden and colourful pots :)
Thanks you so much Disha for sharing this wonderful ideas...I am sure all our readers have learned some great ways to re purpose and create amazing planters.  Do not forget to check Disha's blog and like her Facebook page.


  1. Each and every one of these ideas are amazing! Love them all.. Thank you for Sharing Nayana and Disha!

  2. Thanks Prasanna for appreciating my efforts. Thanks Nayana for having me here :)

    1. Hi Disha, beautiful garden totally inspired to try some of these ideas...what type of paint do you use?

  3. Amazing Ideas!!! Amazing planters!!! Specifically the Rajastani art one... Also Recycling bottles is good idea, will try at my balcony. Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  4. Lovely ideas, thanks Disha and Nayana, I am going to try these ideas soon:)

    Nayana happy to discover your blog through Women Bloggers Network

  5. Two of my favorite and super talented ladies together. This post has to be my favorite.
    Wonderful ideas, Disha. I am drawing inspiration here.
    And thank you Nayana for bringing this to us :)


  6. Dish a is so talented.. Thanks nayana for showing the beautiful garden..

  7. Lovely lovely.. the paintings pots look impressive. Disha is super talented..


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