How to create a Vignette?

Vignette sounds very fancy but don't get intimated by the word, its basically more put together look or composition.  it is very easy to create, earlier I have shared   5 tips on how to create a vignette.  In addition to that I am sharing 5 more tips on how I went about creating my vignette today.

How to create a Vignette

1. Start with blank flat surface, it can be a coffee table, console table, window sill, book case, night stand, counter top...

I wanted to create a vignette on my Coffee table today. You can also use tray on your coffee table to create a vignette so it can be easily moved when you need more space. I chose to create vignette today on round place mat  I have.

2. Choose the main object of your display and build your vignette around it. I had these fall beauties blooming in my garden so I wanted them to be the highlight.


3. Now add other things based on the theme, colors of the decor in your room. Today my theme was fall so I chose pumpkin as my next object.


4. Include what is meaningful and important to you : such as photos, if you are creating summer vignette - add seashells you have collected on trip, artwork created by your child, you get the idea now :)

I chose to add these pin cones and fall leaf  were collected and painted by my son, they add the texture , warmth , goes with my theme and most importantly make my son Happy :)


5. Create a Depth : do not just display them in line but build a composition, story to create more pulled together look.


How do you create vignettes in your home? Is there any other tips you would like to share? I hope this tips will come in handy when you start creating Vignettes for Diwali in your home...



  1. Beautiful is the word! whites, yellows and oranges.. perfect combo!

  2. Loved your fall theme,Nayana! And yes,vignette does sound a little formal,one of those typically decor terms:-)......I guess it is nothing but arrangement..... I love all your arrangements!

  3. Beautiful description Nayana :) and gorgeous indeed! I love how you play with simple elements to create something so beautiful and effortlessly chic!


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