Diwali decor inspirations by PreeOccupied

Today I am going to share Diwali decor inspirations from wonderful multi talented mother, a homemaker, working woman, cook, gardener, decor enthusiastic Pree's home. With this introduction you must be thinking hmmm is she a super woman, well go on check her Facebook album : go on, I will wait :) and let me know. See I told ya , beyond impress then do not forget to follow her to get regular dose of amazing inspirations.

So let see some beautiful images of Diwali decor from Pree's home and get inspired to create beautiful decor this Diwali.

I am in love with these frangipani candles.....

How stunning this chalkboard vignette will look on console table in entryway or on buffet table in Diwali party.

Closer look......

Notice the limca bottle...it's all in details :)

Diwali decor feels complete with these earthen diyas...

Another vignette from her home, all decked up for Diwali..

 colorful candles of various heights create beautiful glow here...

I am so inspired by these decor ideas from Pree's home, I am sure you are too. So start planning,  Diwali is just around the corner and planning ahead will help you enjoy the festivity to the fullest.

Images : All the pics are provided by PreeOccupied. Please do not copy.


  1. diwali = the warm glow of flickering candles!

    love it.


  2. Lovely vignettes from Pree's home. Always a pleasure to go through her home pics :)

  3. prees home is beautiful.have been knowing her for ages now:)-

  4. A beautiful post........the picture with the terracotta lamps is my favorite. Thank you for sharing Nayana !!!

  5. So beautiful and simple. I love her decorating style. I simply loved the last picture... <3


  6. *sigh*.. such amazing inspirations..

  7. Amazing shots! They are so marvelous and breathtaking. Lemme share and pin these to my Pinterest board for Diwali 2015. Thanks for sharing!


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