5 Things to use as flower vase this Diwali

Flowers are always staple in Indian festivals, Weddings and Puja and they makes the room look fresh, live and smells good too :) Here are five different things that you can use instead of regular glass vase that will make your flower arrangement more unique this Diwali.


1. Watering can:

Watering can makes a great vase, whether you have one made of copper, brass, metal or ceramic one.



2. Tea kettle : Whether its Brass one or Ceramic one... flowers and Tea kettle makes a great combination.


3. Uruli :

If it is made of glass, stone or brass, few floating beauty always looks good and unusual.


Add few candles and there is magic right there :)

Diwali floating candles

if you do not Uruli bring out any brass bowl, pottery piece or glass bowl and it will look good...


4. Pickle jars :

If you have traditional indian pickle jars then they looks the best but I have few painted ceramic ones and here is how I have used them...



5. Mason Jars :

This can be found in any home's pantry :) Whether you are using colored , plain, single or many they always looks beautiful.


I hope this inspires you to create unique flower arrangement this year. Do you use unusual things as flower arrangement, if so do share in comments. we would love to know :)

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  1. Love all your arrangements,Nayana! Each one is more beautiful than the other!

  2. Beautiful flower arrangements ! I love urulis the most .

  3. Nayana, Love your brass Tea kettle !

  4. Love your first water can. Great post. Back in India I and my mom welcome every day with natural floating flowers in entry way. Now I use a glass pyrex bowl occasionally to do the same. Mansion jars are always cute :) Thank you for sharing :)

  5. enjoyed this post.. i think i have used all of the above except the watering cans . After my trip to france (saw flowers in watering cans everywhere in the countryside), i have to buy me some rustic looking water cans.

    loving all the diwali posts..


  6. Such a simple but thoughtful and awesome post! Nayana I have always loved your images...visual treat they are!

  7. oh my!! how lovely.. such good ideas..:)


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