Spotlight- Artistry Unlimited and Giveaway

Today we have very talented Artist Mansi Jain of Artistry Unlimited on Cherish Dream Live and you all will be thrilled that she has giveaway for one lucky winner too..

Welcome to CDL Mansi... Tell me and our readers something about yourself?
I am a self-taught artist based in USA. Creating something visually beautiful has been my hobby and passion ever since I can remember. Back in India, I pursued studies in Chartered Accountancy, but after moving to US, the creative bug in me took a flight with my husband's encouragement and support.


What is Artistry Unlimited?
"Ideas...Concepts....Creations....!" is what this page is about!!
Its Artistry Unlimited... because I love playing with colors and textures and different creative mediums....! And when I am not engrossed in making beautiful textured paintings, I am completely absorbed by the ceramic clay! The ceramic art consists of concept creations. The mixed-media paintings, inspired by different thoughts on different subjects, are a fusion of contemporary and Indian style of paintings.


How Artistry Unlimited was born.
As they say, variety is the spice of life! I like working in different creative mediums. Sometimes I am making textured paintings on wood. And at times, my focus shifts to playing with acrylics on canvas. These days, mostly, its ceramic art and pottery. Artistry Unlimited is,indeed, a place where ideas, concepts and creations are unlimited.... :)


What kind of products available on Artistry Unlimited?
-Artistry Unlimited has a good collection of the Mixed-Media Paintings on Wood.
Each of these paintings is inspired by different thoughts on different subjects. They are a fusion of contemporary and Indian style of paintings.
-The collection of Ceramic Art, so far, consists of vases, sculptures, concept mugs like animal lovers' mugs and landscape mugs.
-Most of the mixed-media paintings and ceramic art can be customized to suit your taste and home decor. Or if you have something on mind that is not a part of the collection, please drop a message or an e-mail and we can make something awesome! 

Is there any creation of yours, that you like most?

My favorite is "The Sunny Sunflower". I, personally, feel as if it radiates light and energy and brightens up the space!


What inspires you most in creating wonderful products?
Truly speaking, there's nothing like inspiration for me... Its the process that I enjoy the most... The idea of turning a plain wood panel or a canvas into a brilliant work of art, or making something awesome out of clay, is what I enjoy the most... :) And it makes me even happier when my creations find their homes!


For Giveaway Mansi would like to give her Leafy Ganesha to one lucky winner...
Dimension - 12" x 11" appx
"The Leafy Ganesha" is simply a creative illustration of Ganesha artistically sculpted in a leafy form. 

To win this Ganesha : this is what you need to do :

2. Go through Albums at Artistry Unlimited Facebook page and let us know which product you liked the most.
3. Like Cherish Dream Live on Facebook.
4. Share it on your Facebook page or Blog.
Rules of Giveaway : Please write separate comment for each entry.  More you enter, means more chance of winning. winner will be chosen by giveaway is open to USA readers only, Those who are living outside US can enter for someone living there, shipping address should be of USA. Giveaway is open till 2nd Oct.

So go on, what are you waiting for :) start entering and this Ganesha could be yours :)
All images were provided by Mansi Jain and Artistry Unlimited. 


  1. Hi! I have liked Artistry Unlimited on Facebook

  2. I liked The Circling Flowers. It's so beautiful!

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  4. Beautiful! Love Mansi's work. The mugs look great. Will check out her FB page too :)

  5. Fabulous artist feature! Keep up the good work.


  6. #3 - Check!



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