Quick bedroom makeover...

You have seen my Fall bedroom here before but there was a demand to see full birdie bedding so this time when I switched the bedding for fall and added few seasonal touches for fall , I thought of sharing few pics here, even though I just clicked them quickly using my phone :)

I keep Duvets for all seasons , it's the most easiest way to change the look of bedroom. As weather have started to get cold it was time to pull out the duvet for fall and this one is my absolute favorite. I usually prefer white bedsheets but sometimes I do use brown ones with this bedding to get more warm tones. Since few years I am absolute convert to use 100% Cotton bedsheets, preferebbly white. Love simple, clean and fresh feel of white.

I believe bed should be a focal point in bedroom. My bedroom isn't huge and this is what you see as you enter in the room.

Hmmm... Now I think orange drapes would look better, what do you say? Instead of this art above bed something in round shape would look better with all straight lines of window and headboard.

I love the color of fall leaves, orange is my absolute favorite and goes with pop of orange on birdies and flowers in the bedding as well as few artworks on the wall also has pop of orange.

So how do you bring out the seasonal changes in your decor ? 


  1. Your bedroom looks lovely and warm with all your Fall touches in warm colors. Pretty vignettes in the night tables and pretty bed spread...and yes, cootn is the best, specially Egyptian for sheets.

    1. Yes, I love Egyption cotton :) thank you so much for stopping by and your lovely comment.

  2. Loved your bed sheet Nayana. Pop of orange is giving the feel of fall...lovely change!

  3. Looks lovely Nayana, Can you share where is the orange throw from?

  4. Nice! And the touch of green has to be my favorite. Take a close up of that corner with paintings, please! They are pretty attractive.


  5. Your bedroom looks lovely and warm .. Fall is my favourite season..


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