Quick bedroom makeover...

You have seen my Fall bedroom here before but there was a demand to see full birdie bedding so this time when I switched the bedding for fall and added few seasonal touches for fall , I thought of sharing few pics here, even though I just clicked them quickly using my phone :)

I keep Duvets for all seasons , it's the most easiest way to change the look of bedroom. As weather have started to get cold it was time to pull out the duvet for fall and this one is my absolute favorite. I usually prefer white bedsheets but sometimes I do use brown ones with this bedding to get more warm tones. Since few years I am absolute convert to use 100% Cotton bedsheets, preferebbly white. Love simple, clean and fresh feel of white.

I believe bed should be a focal point in bedroom. My bedroom isn't huge and this is what you see as you enter in the room.

Hmmm... Now I think orange drapes would look better, what do you say? Instead of this art above bed something in round shape would look better with all straight lines of window and headboard.

I love the color of fall leaves, orange is my absolute favorite and goes with pop of orange on birdies and flowers in the bedding as well as few artworks on the wall also has pop of orange.

So how do you bring out the seasonal changes in your decor ? 

Fall and Festivals.....

Leaves have started to turn brown and there is a nip in the air. We have enjoyed summer so much and I am going to miss my gardening and outdoor fun but Days of sweaters, boots, coziness , cuddling, hot soup, pumpkin picking, hayrides and most important festivals are here so I am excited for that.


Its time to add warm hues, earth tones and some bling in to home....


Dried flowers, pine cones in the vignettes....


Splash of Orange, rust everywhere...time to pull out throws...



And time for festivals... Wishing you all very happy, blessed and fun filled Navratri. May Ma Ambe bless you all with love, peace, health, wealth and happiness always. Time to pray, play garba and dandiya :)

And there will be soon time to add some bling :) Have you started preparing for Diwali? Click here to see all my past Diwali decor posts.


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Design5 Studio Giveaway

Festivals are starting soon and its raining Giveaways here. This one is specially for all my Indian readers :)

Molly From Design5 Studio is giving away beautiful Coaster set from The Navjeevanrang Collection to one Lucky winner..


These are Handmade out of Eco-friendly wood and decoupaged with self-designed paper.

To Enter The giveaway :

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Leave separate comment for each entry. More entry, more chance of winning. This Giveaway is open for India only. For those who are living outside India can participate but shipping address needs to be of India only. winner will be announced on 2nd Oct using random.org

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Image : image provided by Design5 Studio.

Spotlight- Artistry Unlimited and Giveaway

Today we have very talented Artist Mansi Jain of Artistry Unlimited on Cherish Dream Live and you all will be thrilled that she has giveaway for one lucky winner too..

Welcome to CDL Mansi... Tell me and our readers something about yourself?
I am a self-taught artist based in USA. Creating something visually beautiful has been my hobby and passion ever since I can remember. Back in India, I pursued studies in Chartered Accountancy, but after moving to US, the creative bug in me took a flight with my husband's encouragement and support.


What is Artistry Unlimited?
"Ideas...Concepts....Creations....!" is what this page is about!!
Its Artistry Unlimited... because I love playing with colors and textures and different creative mediums....! And when I am not engrossed in making beautiful textured paintings, I am completely absorbed by the ceramic clay! The ceramic art consists of concept creations. The mixed-media paintings, inspired by different thoughts on different subjects, are a fusion of contemporary and Indian style of paintings.


How Artistry Unlimited was born.
As they say, variety is the spice of life! I like working in different creative mediums. Sometimes I am making textured paintings on wood. And at times, my focus shifts to playing with acrylics on canvas. These days, mostly, its ceramic art and pottery. Artistry Unlimited is,indeed, a place where ideas, concepts and creations are unlimited.... :)


What kind of products available on Artistry Unlimited?
-Artistry Unlimited has a good collection of the Mixed-Media Paintings on Wood.
Each of these paintings is inspired by different thoughts on different subjects. They are a fusion of contemporary and Indian style of paintings.
-The collection of Ceramic Art, so far, consists of vases, sculptures, concept mugs like animal lovers' mugs and landscape mugs.
-Most of the mixed-media paintings and ceramic art can be customized to suit your taste and home decor. Or if you have something on mind that is not a part of the collection, please drop a message or an e-mail and we can make something awesome! 

Is there any creation of yours, that you like most?

My favorite is "The Sunny Sunflower". I, personally, feel as if it radiates light and energy and brightens up the space!


What inspires you most in creating wonderful products?
Truly speaking, there's nothing like inspiration for me... Its the process that I enjoy the most... The idea of turning a plain wood panel or a canvas into a brilliant work of art, or making something awesome out of clay, is what I enjoy the most... :) And it makes me even happier when my creations find their homes!


For Giveaway Mansi would like to give her Leafy Ganesha to one lucky winner...
Dimension - 12" x 11" appx
"The Leafy Ganesha" is simply a creative illustration of Ganesha artistically sculpted in a leafy form. 

To win this Ganesha : this is what you need to do :

2. Go through Albums at Artistry Unlimited Facebook page and let us know which product you liked the most.
3. Like Cherish Dream Live on Facebook.
4. Share it on your Facebook page or Blog.
Rules of Giveaway : Please write separate comment for each entry.  More you enter, means more chance of winning. winner will be chosen by random.org.This giveaway is open to USA readers only, Those who are living outside US can enter for someone living there, shipping address should be of USA. Giveaway is open till 2nd Oct.

So go on, what are you waiting for :) start entering and this Ganesha could be yours :)
All images were provided by Mansi Jain and Artistry Unlimited. 

Spotlight : Design5 Studio

At Cherish Dream Live today we have a spotlight on Molly of Design5 Studio, It gives me immense pleasure to feature very talented Molly and her Design5 studio on the blog today So lets find out more about Molly and Design5 Studio.

Welcome to the Cherish Dream Live Molly, we are very happy to have you here today Please tell us something about yourself :
I have a university diploma somewhere, for Fine Arts & Design that sparked a life long practice. After spending years working as an Art Director, in the design and advertising industry, I decided to chase my dreams rather than somebody else’s. Out of this dream was born – Design5 Studio. Design5 Studio started in 2006 out of my love for creating 'functional' design. Also, it became a good option to work for myself after my daughter was born.
I believe that design is functional...design is human. Not virtual. Because it is meant for people. For a purpose. If it does not communicate, holds no interaction, then it is not design.
What I love the most is making customized decoupage products. It always makes me happy to work on something new and exciting!!  I immerse myself in the details. I have a knack for what I do.

When did you realize your passion about decoupage and how Design5 Studio was born?
My love for decoupage, started way back in the 90s when I used to ‘decoupage’ my Art School portfolio cases with old picture cut outs from fashion magazines and newspapers. The result was so outstanding that soon I was being asked to make these for others too!
I’ve always loved paper. In books. In stationary sets. Cards. Pretty envelopes. Diaries. Magazines. Brochures. The works. I'm a crafter and am always drawn to working with paper. It's such a humble yet versatile medium. I played around with different kinds of paper and finishes for a new outcome for every project. Decoupage fitted perfectly into the picture.
It was a way to make the ordinary, extraordinary. An old European art, long forgotten became my magic wand to infuse life into not just lifeless objects but also give new meaning to my dream. It gave wings to my passion of design and more importantly expression to my creation. Similarly, Upcycling (of wood, structure or material) was undertaken with the promise of finding design a home that rests on a past that was forgotten or just utilized. Be it boxes, bottles or just plain old cloth. My vision just needed a surface. 
Over and above all this I keep thinking what really keeps inspiring me. Pulling me together. Pushing me to find new horizons, challenges and expression. What happens now is possibly answered in what triggered all this firstly. My daughter J. 
This creation gave me the catalyst to find energy in a creative career that almost had reached a full stop. The inaction became the trigger. The inertia provided the momentum. To propel not just my life, but also my design journey. Design5 Studio is my vision. And the nadir. It’s my fuel. And the fire. It’s my goal. And the wings.

Many of our readers might not be familiar with this technique, so what is decoupage?
Decoupage (or découpage) is the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects.
What I do here is take an object like a small box or an item of furniture and cover it with purpose-manufactured papers (all designed by me), seal it with varnishes (often multiple coats) until the "stuck on" appearance disappears and the result looks like painting or inlay work.


Do you face any challenges in creating your product?
The weather is the biggest spoiler in my work routine. High moisture levels in monsoon and low freezing points in winters are the worst enemies of my process. It almost doubles up the time of making each product. But this hurdle has also taught me something…Patience…bucket loads of it!  :)

Tell me something about Design5website and what kind of products available for sell on website?
My website started off as a portfolio of my work during my stint as an Art Director, filled up with designs for corporate collaterals, Graphics, space, 3D, identity, logos et al for various clients. I used it to present my work and ideas to the world. Later, during my 'stay-at-home-mommy-turned-freelancer' days, it became the landing spot for my blog, wherein i used to collect and write my views, likes and dislikes and ideas about up-cycling, design and home decor. It was fun!!
Soon, as my daughter grew up a little and like many other women my age, i also found some spare time in hand. I began trying my hand at my old hobby of painting, and making stuff out of paper & up-cycling things. I also re-started my decoupage work, which used to be my favorite way to earn a pocket money during college days. My daughter also loved giving mommy a hand in painting. {You should have seen her with those big painting brushes in her tiny lil hands!! it was adorable :)}
So, in 2006, www.design5.biz evolved into another new avatar which was to showcase my hand made decoupage products. Until now…
On August 28th, 2014 my website transformed into my very own e-store. I had designed many websites as a designer for others, but this time around I was the client. And believe me it took much longer to please myself with the final product. I'm a perfectionist to the core!! I changed the design so many times before stopping at what you see online now. This was all my own doing…right from the photography, writing all the content, planning the promotions etc. - just me working at it one day at a time.
Currently  you can buy handmade trays and keepsake boxes at the store. But I will soon be introducing a varied range of customized, made to order, limited edition products. It will be more about upcycling and reviving! 

What inspires you to create the wonderful products that are available in Design5 Studio?
Colors bring life alive. Like the elements, colors are omnipresent. And it is this reality that has inspired many over the years. It has been part of our culture, heritage and life. My designs are a manifestation of this idiom. They are rooted in Indian tradition.
Design5 Studio endeavors to bring this alive through decoupage. Most of my work is inspired by Indian visual folk arts. Motifs from various art forms have been used to add It’s own twist to the tale. They conspire to form a unique mélange of years of tradition, seen in my work through the lens of modernity and decoupage art.
Folk paintings have long been illustrative expressions of village painters, with subjects ranging from our epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, Puranas and every day village life, animals, birds and natural objects to even popular deities and their stories.
My designs depict life. People of India. Their events. Occasions. Stories. And the many colors of life.

I know you might love all your product but is there any special product which you and love more and close to your heart.
YES, I do love every single piece of my work. I have handcrafted each tray and box from start to finish. Designed with a lot of love through days of careful crafting. Each piece takes me about 7-10 days. To single out one piece and present it as my “favorite” would be unfair to the rest of them. They are like my babies, all of them, and I love them all. :?)


What is your future plan?
I have come to believe that the best things in life are the things you don't plan. My life is all about possibilities not plans. I just go with the flow. As I get older, different things become important to me. But the only thing that has not changed is my love for design. Who knows, may be I will start designing furniture for kids tomorrow? Or become an art teacher in a small school somewhere in the hills!?
As long as I get to create, craft and design…I am happy.
I consider myself lucky to be able to say that my passion is my paycheck :) I live what I do. I love what I do.

Thank you so much Molly, it was wonderful to know more about you, Design5 studio and art of decoupage. I am sure our readers will love it too.
Like what you see here, head over to Design 5 Studio website to check out amazing collection, they are handmade and do not forget to encourage her by liking her Facebook page Design5 Studio.
All images were provided by Design5 Studio.

Psss : Dont forget to check here next week, Design5 studio has wonderful giveaway right here on CDL :)

Thank You and Giveaway!!

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!


Cherish Dream Live has recently crossed more then 200,000 thousand page views and 400 likes on Facebook . Thank you each one of you who take time out to visit, comment and like. I appreciate it very much. It inspires me to do more :)

Festival season is approaching and what better way to say Thank You other then giveaway So I am giving away a pair of handmade hanging mobile by artisans in Gujarat,India.


You can hang it as a pair on both end of curtain rod , at the end of the stair railing or hang it from ceiling , on porch....


To enter the giveaway....here is what you need to do.

1.  Like Cherish Dream Live on Facebook . (Mandatory)
2.  Join via (Google plus or Google friend connect)
3.  Give your opinion : what would you like to see more on Cherish Dream Live?
4.  Share it on your Facebook page or on your blog.

If you have already joined via Facebook and Google, just mention that in comment. Leave separate comment for each entry, more entry more chance of winning. Winner will be picked using random.org. This giveaway is open to USA readers only, Those who are living outside US can enter for someone living there, shipping address should be of USA. This giveaway is open till 2nd Oct.

P.s. I have two more giveaways in pipeline...one for USA and one for Indian readers :)

Spotlight : India Circus by Krsna Mehta

If you are regular reader at CDL then you must be aware that even though I am living in USA , I am very much attached to my roots and home decor is no exception. I love Indian motifs, textiles and rich color.

Shopping online is now part of our lifestyle but to find affordable designer products with essence of India is tough but one such store is exception to that and that store is India Circus. India Circus provides various lifestyle product ranges from Fashion to home decor and personal accessories. Products are chic, sophisticated , Indian with modern twist.

 What better represent Indian design then Peacock motif and color so I chose Peacock Flower Poly Taf-Silk Cushion Cover and Peacock Dawn Poly Velvet Cushion Cover because Cushions are so versatile and can change the look of any space. Here I have used them on my bed. they really add a splash of color to white bedding and make the space look alive.

I also chose Palaces in Paradise coasters and they are so beautiful and elegant. It looks very well made too, I just love them, it was the perfect choice. They look great on my coffee table. Everything arrived packaged very well too.  

Cushions have zipper so its very easy to take them out and wash if needed. Here they are on my living room sofa. Colors are exactly the same as they look in picture at India Circus website and they are true to size.

You can see in below pic that I have paired Peacock Flower Poly Taf-Silk Cushion Cover with my basic green ones.

Click here to visit India Circus website and you will be surprised how beautiful , sophisticated products they have in such affordable price that you would definitely would want to buy something. 
Disclaimer: I was provided these products by India Circus for review however the opinion and view expressed in this post are mine and unbiased.

At home today...

If you have seen few of the latest post on blogs you would know that the pics are kind of lousy, well Its very easy to click through Phone and create a post using blogger App but today's flowers inspired me to get the camera out *wink*


I have always loved terrariums but I dont think I can keep one alive so this is my version of terrarium :)

And this is my go to vase from Ikea and love it, whenever I dont feel like being creative with my flower arrangement this comes in handy....


Flower power..always cheer me up :)


Have a great day everyone and be creative:)

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