Veggie raised bed garden summer 2014

When we moved 4 year back, this little space behing our deck was overgrown plants, weeds. My father in law and husband cleared the space and I tried to grow few plants in this lil patch then two years back our friend was building new deck so my husband got some wood from old deck and he build this raised bed of approx 4'x8'. This post will show what and how much you can grow in this small size. I roughly planted using square foot gardening technique.This is how it looked in spring.

I sow Burpee spinach, salad mix , lettuce and reddish seeds in April...

Salad green mix and spinach... Salad greens are easiest thing to grow but harvesting is little tough.

I would carefully cut the leaves of salad greens many times and it would come again, I harvested it till end of June.

They both were done by the time of summer garden so I utilized same space to grow Zuchhini and now zuchhinis are gone so I used same space again for fall crop of salad green and spinach.


I grew them for first time. I sow seeds in April and they were ready very fast so I could utilize same space for growing tomatoes in May.

Lettuce in container grown from seeds...

And later...

Sure it was fun to eat fresh crispy greens for salad.

This is how raised bed looked in beginning of July....

Boston pickling cucumber...we like Indian cucumber so we chose pickling one to get the small cucumber with small seeds and yummy taste, they did not disappoint   at all. sliced cucumbers sprinkled with salt, coriander and cumin seed powder and red chili powder....were enjoyed regularly :) 


Indian long son's fav.. I grew them for first time from seeds and got great result.

One section of the raised bed is for mint but this year it didn't do so well otherwise every it grows crazy .

JalapeƱo peppers ...they are very hot, I mean really really hot:) I made pickle with them using mustered seeds, salt and lil bit of oil. Secret to great pepper crop is Epsom salt. Try Epsom salt as fertilzer in peppers and it will give great result.

Tomatoes..I only have two plants this year and it didn't gave in abundance like every year. I love green tomato sabji and strut fried green tomatoes.

I have started getting some valor/papdi too...

 So this is how our small veggie patch shaped out this year... Season is about to end and I am going to miss this so much. 

Do you do veggies gardening? Many can grow in container also. Gardening is the most relaxing and fresh veggies are like cherry on top. Sometimes I hate when I have to go out to water them when it's too hot but it all worth in the end!! If you have not started yet it's the right times to start fall veggie gardening.


  1. Lovely! I had a lush veggie garden in CA which I miss a lot in the mid west. I haven't had the chance to try my hand at veggie gardening in the midwest yet, but your garden did very well! You definitely have a green thumb!!!!

  2. Amazing Nayana! We did do veggie gardening for a while but it was getting too much of work :( Obviously I don't have a green thumb


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