Small stem flower arrangement- How?

Have you ever encountered a problem while doing a flower arrangement that flower wouldn't stay put and fall down while you tried to add more? Sometimes the stem would be so small that as soon as you put flower it would go inside the vase...

Most of my Roses have multiple buds on one big stem but they all wouldn't bloom at the same time. So if I cut big stem other small buds would go waste. I always have to settle with individual cut small stem of roses and that always made my flower arrangement a bit more difficult but not anymore :)

So next time when you are making flower arrangement and encounter similar problem try creating grid with cello tape on vase like this...

And then insert the flower through the squares between the tape and they will stay put which will result in something like this :)

If you ever want to create flower arrangement in shallow bowl this idea will work perfectly and all the flowers will stay put.

This idea works great with small size flowers too...below is the arrangement I did for teacher's gift on last day of school before summer vacation at my son's preschool.

I had only three big roses in the garden at that time and rest I had was my small flower carpet roses with small stem so I created grid with cello tape and arranged them like this...

Have you ever had a problem like this when you tried to create flower arrangement? Is there any other tips for flower arrangement that you would like to share?


  1. Beautiful! That's a brilliant idea Nayana!

  2. This is such a smart idea. Thanks for the useful tip.

  3. That's an absolutely great idea Nayana! I have quite a few small jars which I struggle to arrange the flowers in! I will steal this idea of yours next time!

  4. oh ! lovely tip Nayana..So happy to be part of your blog


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