Summer Garden Update 2014

After spending many months in cold snowy weather..I get excited by the first sign of Spring and could hardly wait for my gardening season to begin. We live in town house so we don't have huge yard to fulfill my gardening space include front landscaping and one raised bed veggie patch in the back.
we have 3 different kind of Roses included in front landscaping and Hydrangea and Shasta Daisy tucked around veggie patch in the back but this perennial doesn't satisfy the craving I get for feel of the soil in my hand and dream of flower bed So as soon as May had arrived this year I went crazy and bought this annuals.

Even after buying this I could not stop myself and bought few Dahlia plants. I have a weakness for garden nurseries and hardly can stop myself from going inside :) Also Zinnia flowers are staple in my gardening so bought a packet of Zinnia seeds.

I had Marigolds, Petunias, Midget roses, Zinnia, Ranaculus,  Geraniums, Dahilas, Circa vine and creeping jenny, ornamental grass to work with so I mixed and match all the plants and created few containers and hanging baskets. It all has flourished to a wonderful garden now I hope you will enjoy it as we much as we do everyday.

This is how it looked when I planted initially...

and now after almost 2 months...

This is how it looks all together on the entrance...

Creeping Jenny...

Remember my DIY bird bath...

Hanging baskets with Petunia and Circa vines..

A close up...

Zinnia that I have grown from seeds...It was an absolute joy to see them grow from seeds and now producing this beauty...


Sure its a lots of work too but it gives immense joy too...Sometimes its hard to find even time for watering and going out in the heat specially when house is west facing but its all worth it and therapeutic too.. Stay tuned to see how it all looks together and some before and after of the front landscaping in next part :)


  1. That is some great work Nayana! absolutely beautiful! I am in love with your creeping jenny!

  2. What beautiful flowers, you have magical fingers Nayana. Lovely post ! :-)

    1. and lots of sweating in hot sun :) thanks Karishma!!

  3. Beautiful Garden Nayana! Real eye candy:)

  4. OK!! So I am envious now!! You have such a beautiful garden. Perfect match of colors and greens.The mix-and-match planters look amazing. I loved the Creeping Jenny. Where can I find one?

    Agree with you on the growing flowers from seeds part. It is double the joy :) And if you ask somebody like me, who lives in an apartment and a patio and a window sill is all she's got to grow her plants, I'd say your gardening space is HUGE!! You are doing full justice to it. Had I been you, I would have hated snow hitting my space.. but sadly, it's unavoidable!

    1. Thank you Tanya..I had bought creeping jenny from local nursery but hv seen it at walmart and home depot. i got it for $2.99 it was in 4 in pot with just 4-5 strands and now it has grown beautifully.

  5. Vow! I need somebody to turn my yard into a colorful haven like this!
    it's pure artistry! good job nayana!


  6. Lovely garden and what beautiful flowers. Loved all the pics. Dil garden garden ho gaya :)

  7. So beautiful Nayana... the gardening bug has bitten me recently too and I'm have planted a few seeds and waiting anxiously for the results... really inspiring post. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Everything looks heavenly and beautifully put together,

  9. Beautiful flowers, colorful garden.. It's a joy to see the plants grow, bloom


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