Magic Of Spray Paint

This years garden is planted but before I show you that I realized that I had not shared the picture of the last years updated containers.

Below pic is of 2011 i think,we had these sad looking brown planters and afternoon sun to west facing house did no good to them so they were looking even more sad.

So Last year I spray painted them in yellow and green combination.


Now don't you think spray paint can do a magic :)


 I had planted Gerbera and Marigolds together, loved the red and yellow color combination. I added Gerbera in the back and Marigolds in the front.


I also had a black hanging basket from the one of the houseplant that had died So I did some spray paint magic :)on it too, planted Petunia and Vinca vine.


So Are you ready to see this years garden :)I believe spray paint can transform anything? do you have any spray paint story to tell?


  1. Very vibrant. Happy to see you back

  2. Very bright and colorful! Love all the colors.

    -Priyam @

  3. Love it!What kind of paint did you use Nayana?

  4. This looks beautiful :)
    I sowed some seeds a few days back. I know I am late for the season :( . Hoping for colorful results like the ones here!! Wish me luck.

  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful blog. They looks awesome that you have painted them in yellow and green combination.


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