DIY Bird Bath

Every summer there were two things on my wish list...Bird bath and Bird feeder. One of them is checked today. Whenever I visited garden center, I always looked for bird bath but either they were too big and heavy made from cement or cute ones were rather expensive. 

This year I had thought of making one from terra cotta pot and saucer but today when I was going through my decor stash :)for summer outdoor stuff and  I came across this glass plate with blue tone which I mostly use it to display sea shells, ornaments etc and thought this has perfect depth for bird bath. 

Then I was looking for something to give height to my bird bath and realized that the cylinder vase that I keep in our powder room filled with sea shell might work. So I put the plate on vase and it worked :) 

It's for summer so I added few sea shells, top layer is the shells me and my son collected at the local beach here and I love pebbles so added that too. To bring out the blue in the plate I added blue marbles I had. Bottom layer is filled with sea shells(kodi) which are very heavy to give it more stability. Then I hot glued the plate to the vase. I made sure to cover the edge well with glue so that it sealed properly and water/ bugs can not go inside. So now wind can not knock over the plate and overall the thing is pretty heavy with the fillers in the vase, so it's safe even though its made from glass.

I used everything I had so total cost of the project $0 it and I think birds will too. This was one of those project which was very quick and just went with the flow.

So have you thought of bird bath for birds this summer, even keeping just a saucer filled with water will work and keep them happy :) is there any innovative idea have you tried for bird bath or feeder?


  1. This is clever idea Nayana. It turned out so well. Blue bird bath that too made of's stunning. I have been planning to make one but I don't know when I'll be able to do so.

  2. Thank you so much was one of those project that I didn't know beforehand Hw I m gonna do it, just got the plate and went with the flow...happy ending. You always come up with nice recycling idea so I m sure you will come up with something fabulous.

  3. wow, that bird bath looks soo unique & summary..! I love the blue & shells, the way they have you have put together, very very gorgeous!

  4. My yard has been pretty neglected these past two years- i too love the idea of hanging a bird feeder and a keeping a bird bath...thanks for the inspiration.
    hopefully, this will get me motivated!


  5. The birds must be happy.. Especially with summer around the corner..

  6. Lovely Creation! Loved everything about it , colors to shells... Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. This is so creative!! What an idea :)
    I like the blue planter as well. Local buy or you got it from India?

    1. Thank you planter is from Home depot....

  8. This is so creative!! What an idea, Nayana :)
    I like the blue planter as well. Local buy or you got it from India?


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