Painted pinecones, vintage keys, fall potpourri and fall leaves

One fine summer morning my son and I were strolling through the street and pretending to find the treasures..then suddenly he saw the pinecones and said "i found my treasure". he picked up two pine cones and brought them soon as we came inside impatient little person said that he wanted to paint them so i gave him some paint and brush.

This painted pinecones were sitting on the kitchen counter in a plate and we both were proud of his work. Painting the pinecone added curiosity in him to find treasure from the nature like acorns, sea shell even the dried fallen leaves in fall :)

As a proud mama i wanted to display them and incorporate it in my decor. even when i do not go overboard on seasonal decorating I like add a touch of it here and there so I decided to make a fall centerpiece and included painted pinecones.

Added vintage looking keys from pottery barn which I have used in vignette here. I have a plan to frame them but until that happens I am happily using it in to vignettes. I like the kind of rustic fall feelings it adds in to this arrangement.
 Included some fall potpourri I already had...
Displayed them in cylinder vases which I had used in spring flower arrangement.Click to see how I created my cylinder vase collection for cheap.

I already had artificial fall leave from this fall vignette which I sprinkeld around in brass plate and it all came together. I love the gold color of the plate..perfect for fall.

My son was so happy to see his pinecones in my decor when he came from school :)
So do you like to highlight, display things made by your kids in to decor?


  1. Wow lovely Clicks <3 and great ideas Nayana

  2. Nayana,beautifully created I would say!The colour of the leaves during fall is just awesome!!!And both of you've done a pretty arrangement.Loved it!


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