Lights for festival of lights

Festival of lights begines today. Happy Dhanteras dear frineds..wishing that Ma Laxmi showers you with all the wealth, good health and happiness.

Lights are up and they have set my mood for Diwali in between all halloween hoopla. I have got all my candle and diwali decor stash out today and will share as we move on to the festival. 

Hows festivities going at your end? buying any gold today *wink*?

Fall fall fall for master bedroom

When it comes to updating room for a season my basics do not change.

To bring the seasonal update in master bedroom I like to freshen it with beddiing, pillows, throw, accesories, flowers or foliage. Checkout seasonal updates for master bedroom in  Spring and Summer.


Orange is my favorite color and I love it more in the season of fall. This bedding I have used here is one of my favorite. I love the pop of orange between white and brown.

Daisy bush is in full of blooms and I am enjoying have seen the other arrangement here.
 This time i have used pickle jar for the daisies.

Flowers can freshen up any space. Usaully I have home grown flowers available for arrangement but if I do not have any then I use the indoor plant in my vignette. To bring in more fall I have filled lantern with artifical fall foliage.


I prefer sunny day to click pictures but I think here rainy day and fall goes well together :)


Love painting hanging on the nightstand was done by my son. click here to see how easy it is.


Do you like to bring seasonal changes in your decor?Are ready for the festival time ahead upon us...I can not wait :) check out past Diwali decorations here for some inspirations.

Painted pinecones, vintage keys, fall potpourri and fall leaves

One fine summer morning my son and I were strolling through the street and pretending to find the treasures..then suddenly he saw the pinecones and said "i found my treasure". he picked up two pine cones and brought them soon as we came inside impatient little person said that he wanted to paint them so i gave him some paint and brush.

This painted pinecones were sitting on the kitchen counter in a plate and we both were proud of his work. Painting the pinecone added curiosity in him to find treasure from the nature like acorns, sea shell even the dried fallen leaves in fall :)

As a proud mama i wanted to display them and incorporate it in my decor. even when i do not go overboard on seasonal decorating I like add a touch of it here and there so I decided to make a fall centerpiece and included painted pinecones.

Added vintage looking keys from pottery barn which I have used in vignette here. I have a plan to frame them but until that happens I am happily using it in to vignettes. I like the kind of rustic fall feelings it adds in to this arrangement.
 Included some fall potpourri I already had...
Displayed them in cylinder vases which I had used in spring flower arrangement.Click to see how I created my cylinder vase collection for cheap.

I already had artificial fall leave from this fall vignette which I sprinkeld around in brass plate and it all came together. I love the gold color of the plate..perfect for fall.

My son was so happy to see his pinecones in my decor when he came from school :)
So do you like to highlight, display things made by your kids in to decor?

Flower arrangement - Blue, White and Gold

My mother in law know that i have thing for old, vintage and brass items so this summer when she visited us, along came few of the family heirloom which i have talked about here. She also passed on to me one of her brass kettle which has been used so much to serve tea and is not in pristine condition but I love it.

and of course I had something else in mind then serving tea...


White daisies are from our tiny backyard...they only blooms in fall which is good as all summer flowers fade away this time. I have to keep fighting arguing with hubby every year to keep this plant alive as we dont have much space, this plant always comes in a way. Bring on the pruning time next year and I m ready to fight for it..because its worth it...ha..ha!!

So are you crazy like me when it comes to heirloom, brass items?Do you love to use unconventional things as vase? whats are the different things you have used as vase?


Hey you all...a big warm hello and warm red tomato glow from my home to yours :)

First of all thank you Deepa, Reshma and all other who have asked about my where abouts :) Thank you Deeksha for patiently waiting :)I missed you all but we all much time blogging takes and its hard for me lately to balance it all, I was busy but that does not mean I was not creative :) and I chose the easy way out...I post regularly on FACEBOOK page of the blog so If you like what I do, join me there.

I hope you all are doing good and ready and excited for the festive season as I am...
I will try to post though not as much as I was posting before but if you miss me here say Hola at the Facebook page 
P.s. These are home grown tomatoes in heirloom plate :)

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