It is all about heirloom today

If you are a regular reader here at CDL then you know that I love traditional Indian items specially metal ones...brass, copper, pittal and if you are new here at CDL then you now know something about me :)

Today's vignette has all of them but more importantly with the addition of heirloom so beware its a picture heavy post :) 

I love these items but I love it, heart it to the core if they are heirloom, feels proud in possession that sometime belonged to mom-in law or great great grandma and there is always a memories with them. If you have treasures like this in your family hold on to them ....generations will cherish it :)


Beautiful Dianthus flowers are from our small patch of green in the backyard.

Vase that gracing beautiful pink Dianthus is a pittal glass that my mother-in law got in her wedding from here maternal side and same is for the tray in which I have created the vignette.

Tray is actually a pittal plate/thali they used to eat everyday food before the days of steal and glass.

I really love this copper dibba(container) , it belonged to hubby's great great grandmother. I love the aged patina of this one.


In between these great heirloom items I have my stone towers and Buddha to make it more serene.

Stack of few books and nilkanthvarni (lord swaminrayan's childhood form) statue which was a gift from a dear friend.

Our Rose bushes are full of blooms and few of them are floating in urli....

So do you have heirlooms that you love having in your home or have memories or feel proud in their possession?

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  1. I love the flowers floating in the uruli.

  2. ooh! the vase and the thali are to die for..the perfect metallic yellow! i love those!! I am going on a short trip to India this summer and it is on my to do list - to scavenger hunt in my parents attic for treasures from the past.

    and beautifully styled too nayana!


    1. Thank you so much Deepa...ohh..I am sure there will be some lovely addition to your treasures after India trip.

  3. Oh,how lovely this is Nayana,I love each and every detailing of this vignette.Those stone towers are my favourite,did you glue them up?

    1. Thanks so much Arani ....yes I hot glued them , I am not able to post link here but if you click on stone tower in tis link you will be redirected to my post.

  4. Those flowers are so pretty and the arrangement fantastic.Even I love these pittal vessels and have few inherited ones from my grandmom.

    1. Thanks nice that you have your grandma's treasure with you.

  5. Nayana, Your thali styling looks so beautiful. The only brass I have is the urali and 2 tall deepam. Wish I had few collection of India trip, I will pick them for sure.

    1. Thanks Reshma...that's how it starts :) with few item then as time will go...I am sure you will have a collection to talk about :)

  6. This is gorgeous Nayana. Inspired by you, I have asked my MIL not to discard stuff before I have laid my eyes on it ;)

    That statue of Lord Swaminrayan is beautiful. Since, in the initial pics the focus was not on this statue much, I thought you missed it. But glad you talked about it in the later part of the post.

    You have a treasure in you home!!

  7. wowww lovely one u arranged it so perfectly :)

  8. Hey Nayana...your blog doesn't like me.....I was the first one to comment and now I don't see my comment anymore! I love all the pieces! Even I have some silver goodies from my Mom's wedding and I have proudly displayed them all around. Feels so good every time I look at them.

  9. Wow!! Nayana, I also love brass items, and have a small collection in my home. loved your arrangement too.

  10. You really have a very fine sense of aesthetics!!

  11. Love the way you have given them a totally new lease of life. Looks lovely!!


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