Home tour- Corners of Army wife Antara's home in Allahabad, India

After looking Aradhna's elegant living room we have another army wife Antara is on blog today sharing few corners of home.

There is always something to inspire from everyone so please do not hesitate in sending the pics of your home. I admire that people like Aradhana, Vandana and Antara moves every few years and still take time and heart to make their house a home.

Here is something about Antara and her family "I am married to an army officer so I keep moving every 2-3 years.This is my current house which is a separated family accommodation ie the govt quarters in cantonment available to an army officers' family when the officer is in a field location.Currently i stay in Allahabad,uttar pradesh,with my two daughters aged 9 and 3."

Antara says her style Is simple and clutter free.Since She is unable to change anything about the basic cream coloured walls that the army houses provide ,She have an inclination to change soft furnishings frequently to give a new feel to place.

Antara loves lamps and flowers and plants in her decor.

Owl lamp above is from. Delhi and hanging lamp is from Chandigarh.

Antara's decor pieces reflect the places she has stayed with her husband since marriage.She has picked up pieces from gujrat,rajasthan,himachal,sikkim,bengal,assam etc. Bean bags in below picture are from Jaipur.

Antara likes traditional decor pieces and modern furnishings.That is how she maintains the balance.

All images were provided by Antara.
would you like to do a home tour or show few corners of your  home on Cherish Dream live. write me at nayana.cdl@gmail.com 


  1. Nice stuff Antara!
    And I like it even more because these pictures were clicked in Allahabad :) You know!!

    Nayana, Antara and I share our relationship with Allahabad, of which we came to know only a few days back.

  2. great blog. I am an army wife too and love to blog about various things. Keep writing!

  3. Lovely to find this blog . Got married to a naval officer a month back and haven't moved in yet with him .... was sooooo vexed about what sort of a house wil I have to stay in and how wil I manage to make it look like a home :) your blog is such a relief :)


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