DIY Circle art

For my son's basement playroom...I wanted something to be made by him. Earlier I thought of having display of some sort of canvas art done by him...but lets be practical...I can not have a group of canvas arts by him ready right can take time and there's no point of rushing him into some meaning less art and pushing the kiddo so I can fill the wall :)

So I decided to have some sort of art made from cardboard and have him paint that....initially i thought of cutting different shapes and then let my son paint it and glue it later....but we have kind of circle theme going on here in his playroom so I chose to go with circle shape only...but if you were to try different shapes for kids room, I would say go for it. It will look equally good.

To make this circle art

First draw different size circles on cardboard...I set my camp in kitchen and by using different size of bowl, pots I drew circles. If your kids are big enough they can draw themselves.

Now cut the circles using scissor or light duty utility knife.

Arrange them in the pattern you like.

Number them so you will remember the order.

Now let your kid have a blast painting them...mine is 3 year old so we used finger paint and I helped him here and there to cover all the area.

Let them dry...

Now it's time to make the pattern again and hot glue them but if you are like will change the pattern..ha :)

And up on the wall using sticky velcro (I don't know what they call it )



Now if your kids are grown up do not worry...I have a better idea for you. Gather around all the leftover paint you have in house....take a roller or brush and create a circle art.

Renters...are you listening. This could be your, cheap, easy art :)

So do you like kids involving in your project? Have you up cycled cardboard and created something?
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  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!
    It is wounderful. A smile spread in my face when seeing the kitchen things to use for you to make rounds.
    A big and a very big smile spread when seeing the little pretty kid using the colours. Really i enjoyed.

  2. This is super cool. And to be a 3 year old's art work, I am amazed!! Like mother, like son!! The finger impressions on those circles look beautiful. Clever execution.

    For re-arrangement, I think that's pretty unavoidable. The best and final arrangement can be done only once the pieces are painted. So, I give that to you :)

  3. Thank you Tanya :) he is indeed little champ :)

  4. Hey Nayana, Really nice art work.

  5. It turned out well. The possibilities are many for creating the finished shape.

  6. lovely!! loved the idea as well as the execution! Could you also tell me where did you guys buy that white table and chair? thx, renu

    1. Thanks Renu...I bought the table and chairs from kohls online.


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