Home tour - Treasure filled home of Ruma Rajpal in New Jersey, USA part -II

If you have not yet checked the part I of Ruma Rajpal's home, go ahead check it out and I wait for you right here with more inspiring pictures of her home :)

Lets continue with more of her family room...
family room

Ruma...I too have wooden spoon hanging in my kitchen but not carved and beautiful as yours *sigh* :)

Now lets go upstairs to check out more amazing corners...
Stairs landing..

Upstairs Foyer
upstairs foyer

upstairs foyer 2

Master bedroom
master room1

Who would not like to stay at this guest room :)
guest room

Powder room
powder room

Ruma says "One of my most special art piece in our home is framed poems written by both sets of grandparents on the birth of our son. It's more precious than any other art in my home." How lovely...

kid room
Ruma continues "As my parents say "home is all about creating memories". I am glad we are doing just that :) "

All the images were provided by Ruma Rajpal.

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Home tour - Treasure filled home of Ruma Rajpal in New Jersey, USA part -I

Hello Hello beautiful people...missed me. I have been missing in action here on blog since past two weeks but I am all here to make it up today with a beautiful home tour of Ruma Rajpal.

Ruma Works in investements and lives in New Jersey, USA with her husband and 4 year old son, who is a bundle of energy :) I am surprised and curious to know Ruma that how do you keep all this beautiful treasures around with 4 year zooming by :)please share your tips with us.

Ruma says "Our home is very cozy, bright and for us its home sweet home in every sense of the word. We have been in this house for about 7 years now and it has evolved with us. It totally reflects our personalities. The d├ęcor might not follow the norms or trends but is full of things that are special to us.You will find our family pic in the kitchen (love looking at it while cooking:)) and a beautiful sugar and tea pot from my wedding on my dresser holding makeup brushes and Knicks knacks"
This beautiful kitchen cart she has used at entrance is from her in-laws.
 living room4

Ruma says"Our home is full of things that remind us of our lovely annual vacations. We always get a gift for the home whenever we leave it alone and go for a vacation :) My favorite one is the flamingo lamp from Puerto Rico made of wood and carved coconut shell."

She says "Our design style is eclectic with sleek and clean lines...from furniture to curtains everything is non-frilly."
 living room1
more corners from her living room...
liviing room corner 2

living room

Ruma loves color as you can tell from the pictures. she say it energizes her! Here is the decorating tip from her "I believe a nice lamp and a plant can work wonders for any corner. It makes a place look so warm and cozy! For a dark, empty corner in my dining room I mixed the two by putting a bulb in a vase holding big green leaf. "

vase lamp

Ruma adds "Most of the decoration pieces are from India thanks to both sets of parents and a special thanks to my husband for letting me carry extra baggage every single time :):) I have quite a few antiques and favorite among them are the lovely tea set from my mom's wedding trousseau and the kitchen kart from my in-laws."

Corners of her Family room...

family room2

family room1

family room4
I am sure you would love to see more beautiful corners of her rest of the house so do stop by to see part II of her home...coming soon :)

All the images were provided by Ruma Rajpal.

would you like to do a home tour or show few corners of your  home on Cherish Dream live. write me at nayana.cdl@gmail.com 

It is all about heirloom today

If you are a regular reader here at CDL then you know that I love traditional Indian items specially metal ones...brass, copper, pittal and if you are new here at CDL then you now know something about me :)

Today's vignette has all of them but more importantly with the addition of heirloom so beware its a picture heavy post :) 

I love these items but I love it, heart it to the core if they are heirloom, feels proud in possession that sometime belonged to mom-in law or great great grandma and there is always a memories with them. If you have treasures like this in your family hold on to them ....generations will cherish it :)


Beautiful Dianthus flowers are from our small patch of green in the backyard.

Vase that gracing beautiful pink Dianthus is a pittal glass that my mother-in law got in her wedding from here maternal side and same is for the tray in which I have created the vignette.

Tray is actually a pittal plate/thali they used to eat everyday food before the days of steal and glass.

I really love this copper dibba(container) , it belonged to hubby's great great grandmother. I love the aged patina of this one.


In between these great heirloom items I have my stone towers and Buddha to make it more serene.

Stack of few books and nilkanthvarni (lord swaminrayan's childhood form) statue which was a gift from a dear friend.

Our Rose bushes are full of blooms and few of them are floating in urli....

So do you have heirlooms that you love having in your home or have memories or feel proud in their possession?

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Home tour- Corners of Army wife Antara's home in Allahabad, India

After looking Aradhna's elegant living room we have another army wife Antara is on blog today sharing few corners of home.

There is always something to inspire from everyone so please do not hesitate in sending the pics of your home. I admire that people like Aradhana, Vandana and Antara moves every few years and still take time and heart to make their house a home.

Here is something about Antara and her family "I am married to an army officer so I keep moving every 2-3 years.This is my current house which is a separated family accommodation ie the govt quarters in cantonment available to an army officers' family when the officer is in a field location.Currently i stay in Allahabad,uttar pradesh,with my two daughters aged 9 and 3."

Antara says her style Is simple and clutter free.Since She is unable to change anything about the basic cream coloured walls that the army houses provide ,She have an inclination to change soft furnishings frequently to give a new feel to place.

Antara loves lamps and flowers and plants in her decor.

Owl lamp above is from. Delhi and hanging lamp is from Chandigarh.

Antara's decor pieces reflect the places she has stayed with her husband since marriage.She has picked up pieces from gujrat,rajasthan,himachal,sikkim,bengal,assam etc. Bean bags in below picture are from Jaipur.

Antara likes traditional decor pieces and modern furnishings.That is how she maintains the balance.

All images were provided by Antara.
would you like to do a home tour or show few corners of your  home on Cherish Dream live. write me at nayana.cdl@gmail.com 

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