On the nightstand...

Does sunlight bring out the photographer in you? it sure does to me .... :)i just want to do click click and click....ha..tell ya ....great therapy :)

Few things on the nightstand....

Slowly trying to add pop of orange in my green and white bedroom...

I love this Ikea pitcher vase...

Recently bought this little succulent plant which I need to transfer in bigger lot...sigh* so much to do and so little time..does this happen to you?

and This one is my favorite from the lot... :)Wish I could say that I am getting a time to read this books but still I like to have them around....
What do you have on your nightstand?
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  1. I love your style, your blog is very interesting and beautiful, congratulations. Kisses from Europe.


  2. Beautiful is the word, serene so serene. Are these bougainvilleas by any chance?

    1. Mamta...these do look like Bougainville and its cherry blosm flowers and reminded me so much of Bougainville so I took few branches inside..

  3. Ah, that looks soo calm & beautiful. I love that ceramic vase as well, absolutely lovely!

  4. Love the flowers!a burst of colour amidst the broen.....looks pretty!

  5. 3 points and all three applicable to me...
    1) day light is the best for photography
    2) too much to do and very little time - story of my life
    3) I have books on my bed-side table but all I do is to dust it. Hardly get time to read through.

    Lovely arrangement and very well clicked pictures.

  6. Thank you so much everyone :) I do appreciate your kind words :)

  7. oh my!! Thats lovely... I guess we dont appreciate sun light so much.. coz we have it all year long.. But I see what you mean... Thanks for always coming to CD and making me super happy!!

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead.. :)

  8. I love that Ikea vase!
    I too struggle to get that perfect lighting for shots!!
    - Anjana @ http://happyandharried.wordpress.com/


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