Home tour- Vignettes from Padmamanasa's Home in Bangalore

Today we have Padmamanasa of Bangalore sharing few corners of her home so get ready for some drool worthy vignettes of brass treasures.


Love love everything in this picture..stunning orange wall, serene Buddha statue and all the treasures.
Buddha Orangewall

Manasa has a passion for metal specifically Bras and Bronze or obsession as her folks call it :) This is a common interest between Manasa and her husband.

Foyer (2)

Idol of ma Saraswati..

Hanging brass diyas...


Love the simplicity here..place to unwind, rest and read after tiring day :)
Manasa blogs at For the Love of Sunshine Corners, hop on over and check out few more beautiful corners of her home :)
All images were provided by Manasa.

If you would like to do a home tour, show few corners of your home or collection on Cherish Dream Live, write me at nayana.cdl@gmail.com


  1. Simply wow!! Her brass collection is to die for. Beautiful home.

  2. Beautiful collection of brass! Statues are so real.. they are all just stunning.

  3. OMG.. What an awesome collection. I really want to know how she manages to keep all those pieces so clean and shiny. I remember my mom had a few brass show pieces at home and we always struggled to find ways to maintain the shine.

  4. Thanks Nayana for wonderful feature! Thank you all for your kind comments!

  5. A home filled with treasures reflecting the home owners pride and passion - how wonderful!
    I covet those brass wonders! congratulations on your beautiful home manasa!


  6. Wow ! the house looks so warm and earthy! turely enchanting collection of brassware. I must congratulate you for our wonderful nest Manasa. and our Darling Nayana too for the soulful feature !

    Love MSD

  7. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pretty brass....
    I wounder how the things are being kept so clean???????
    Very nice home I love it.

  8. *sigh*.. What a gorgeous home.. And what stunning collections.. :)

  9. Padmamanasa,you've got such lovely brass items!They are drool worthy! Thanks Nayana and Padmamanasa for sharing this lovely post.


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