Home tour - Personality stamped rented abode of Vandana Chaudhary

When Vandana sent me an email with few of her home pictures I felt that She was little skeptical but I assure you after Mamta's rented apartment tour you are in for another great example of how to add your personality in rented home.

All the artwork and paintings above the sofa are done by Vandana's son. I say her son is very talented...love the art gallery.
Shiv rathri day_Mar 2013 005

Vandana Says "I have stuck to cane furniture as these are inexpensive and give the space an earthy warm feel.Since we move cities and houses,I have not really invested in heavy wooden furniture pieces"

I love cane furnitures too Vandana...


Vandana says that her decor keeps changing as and when she find time and although the basic style remains the same,small items keep moving places.

She is extremely fond of plants and have tried creating a small garden in the balcony...


Vandana also adds that "All I do is play around with rugs,throws,cushions with funky,kitschy covers.These elements bring about all the changes in my space"



Vandana says "she has a very simple home and haven't been able to make changes as far as colours are concerned. It is a rented apartment and here in India, the tenants really cannot do much about the house hence her home is a low budget,low on maintenance decor style."


on my blog I have said this before and saying it again that creating a beautiful home is not about buying fancy things, bring it in the house and call it done. It is a process to create memories, surround us by the things we love and have a meaning. Vandana's home is a great example of that.

All images were provided by Vandana Chaudhary.
would you like to do a home tour or show few corners of your  home on Cherish Dream live. write me at nayana.cdl@gmail.com 


  1. Beautiful home. Loved all the vibrant colors. Vandana's son is indeed a talented artist. Wonderful work of art. Thanks Nayana for sharing.

  2. I like this house. Especially the balcony garden.

  3. it is an inspiration 4 all of us who keep shifting from 1 place to other....

  4. Thanks a lot everyone!Thank you Nayana for having me in your blog!

  5. absolutely enchanting, I loved every single cane furniture and I must say that I loved the way Vandana has used the magazines as side tables! Thanks Nayana for this beautiful feature!

  6. Vandana's concern is a concern for many. I have heard people say that they are unable to decor their homes only coz they are rented houses. Their houses are dull and dry. Vandana is an example to all such people. Rented/owned, if you love your house, you'd make it your home.

    Great work Vandana. I know of all the restrictions and I have to say that you have done a great job. Perfect idea to stick to cane furniture... moving is difficult and bulky furniture just adds to the pain. Your son is indeed very talented :)

  7. Thank you so much Padmamanasa and Tanya for your encouraging comments!

  8. Really such a lovely, warm n inviting home. Love all the pics...

  9. Thank you so much:-)....remembering my rented abode after seeing your comment!

    1. Vandana, I think you should send me now the pics of blore home.


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