DIY Lack Lego table

My Son loves Lego but building big towers on small plate on carpet made him frustrated because after a lot of work tower would fall because of wobbly surface so we needed a Lego table. So I started searching for one but ummm..have you seen the price tag of the Lego tables available in market...ridiculous I tell you.

Initially I thought of converting our media center in Playroom in to lego table because of big surface and storage underneath. Just needed Lego plates and bin to put Lego but that table is big not easily movable, not idle to keep it upstairs and my son is 3 years old and doesn't play independently alone in basement so we needed something that can be lightweight, small and easily movable.

You might have seen Lack Lego table floating around pinterest and we chose the same. Its cheap, lightweight and perfect square surface. Ikea lack side table is approx 21x21 . we chose glossy white finish so it was $12 but same table with different colors comes even cheaper.

My son uses Lego DUPLO right now but I see small Lego in future and I do not want new plates later so we checked the regular Lego plates and DUPLO fits perfectly fine on it.

To build this DIY Lego table you will need
- Ikea Lack side table
- 4 Lego plates each 10x10
- mounting Putty

Imported Photos 00003


I got the Lego plates from Amazon because I like the liberty of getting it delivered at home  :) ...I think they were $4.99 each... Toys r us also has them sometime for buy 1 get 1 half .

Imported Photos 00005

Be generous with mounting putty and apply in zig zag on the back of plate and stick it to the table..table was 21x21 so we just eye balled it and created square surface with 4 10x10 plates. now When you join the two plates just secure them with Lego because it will need tiny bit of space to fit the lego perfectly.

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We kept it like this for overnight... and here is my boy enjoying his new Lego table. we have a plan to build a shelf underneath for the storage..I will share updated table when that happens :)...right now we just put the bin under the table.

Imported Photos 00018
So do you have a Lego loving kid at home? are you planning to make table like this for your kid?


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  1. Pretty cool! Wish somebody had shared this idea when my son was younger! Are we on for Friday? Did you get Myers email?


  2. Wow, That's too good an idea, I struggle with babies legos all the time !

  3. And did I tell you that I fell head over heals for naughty eyed boy of yours :)

    1. Thanks Manasa...that naughty eyed boy is really mischievous and keep me on my toes...I guess his eyes tells that :)

  4. That's a great idea. Lego has so much play value. I didn't realise Duplo fitted on the Lego baseboards.

  5. Wow, seeing this clever DIY I'm starting to wonder why Lego doesn't make these... I guess your little guy is super-duper excited to have this table!

  6. Nayana, This is really a great idea. The table owner is so proud about it too....he is a real cutie pie.

  7. Great idea! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.


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