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This Friday we have double bonus..Deepa and Supriya of Alayam Inspiration are our guest posting today at Cherish Dream Live and they will be talking about "Color" and sharing few corners of their home.

Over to Deepa and Supriya of Aalayam....

Hello! It is a great pleasure to write for the reader's of Nayana's blog. Supriya and I (Deepa) decided to do a post on a topic that's really close to our heart and that's how we zeroed in on "COLOR"

When I think of color, the first thing that comes to mind is the rainbow and  with that comes a flood of mood-lifting emotions. Such is the power of color for me . It was not always like this though. In our previous home I stuck to rustic earth tones and shied away from venturing too far down the color wheel - a few accents in a fiery red complimenting the muted earth tones was all I managed. However, this time, I knew from the word go that I wanted to bring in lots of color into our home. Previously, our home decor centered largely on ethnic indian decor elements in a perfect analogous backdrop of earth tones . But this time, my husband came up with this idea of wanting to include elements of Bollywood  in our home. After all, there is no escaping Bollywood as an Indian, he said!  And that's where our color journey began. I have already shared a few of our painted rooms  on Aalayam and there will be more to come as we add the finishing touches.  If you are a novice decorator, working with color can seem intimidating. I would stand at the paint aisles forever not knowing which one to pick. But over time, I have learnt that it need not be daunting. Just stay true to yourself and let your passion and your inherent style guide you.  Now if you are the kind that wants to follow the 60-30-10 rule or work with complementary colors on a color wheel - that's fine too! There's plenty of resources on the www that can help you with that. But if you'd rather just follow your heart - do it! It will all come together beautifully - I promise you!

A bench gets dressed in a yellow throw and some colorful toss pillows. WIth the afternoon sun streaming in, I am all set to kick off my shoes and read a book while I soak in the sun. The colors fill my home with a vibrant energy edging me to live my best life and that is what home decor is all about for me!
nayana 5

Why not make the best of the gorgeous weather outside - spread a blanket, throw some pillows and add a few books or an ipad and you can instantaneously transport yourself to a colorful paradise. The chirping of the colorful finches and cardigans is an added bonus!

color deepa 1

The easiest way to add color is through art work. Here is a Madhubani painting of Krishna serenading Radha under the kadamba tree that I painted a few weeks ago. For now, the painting sits on my art table in anticipation of being framed. It will soon find a place of its own in our colorful home!

nayana -2

Now, over to Supriya as she tells us about her love for color....

Color is synonymous with inspiration to me. I derive my joie de vivre everyday looking at a palette of vibrant colors in my living space - whether on the walls, on the bookshelf or on kitschy cushions thrown around all my rooms! When I moved to the USA, I was very keen on bringing back a piece of Indian flavor - fabrics and decor pieces, with me to infuse color into my first apartment! These pieces have traveled with  me through two apartments, a masters degree and two babies, into our current home. The cushion covers (the colorful patch work ones you see in the picture) are dog eared and worse for wear! But I love them! Because those are the first things ever that I bought for MY own living space!

color 1

I have always been attracted to traditional kitchens, replete with antique, generational serve ware and appliances. In today's modern kitchen however, like in our  home, there is little scope for bringing that antiquity in! Yet, I have tried to infuse ethnic color via the russet tones of the bronze kadais and water jug, conveniently providing both design and function on the ladder shelf in my kitchen.


Finally, a story to finish off my color splash! The adorable azure elephant wall hanger/wind chime is hand made by a street vendor back home, trying to put his kid through school. I bought many wind chimes from this vendor for the gorgeous workmanship, the beautiful colors and his heartwarming entrepreneurial
spirit! This gorgeous chime hangs proudly in a sunny corner in my home, reminding me of my real roots...far far away!
color 3

Thank you Nayana for having us over and hope we were able to inspire you to embark on your own color journey? Stop by Aalayam for more inspirations!

Deepa and Supriya

Thank you Deepa and Supriya for such wonderful color inspirations on my blog....Dear reader this is the wonderful snippet of one of my favorite blog Aalayam  Inspiration has to offer so hop on over to Aalayam for more gorgeous inspirations.

would you like to do a home tour or show few corners of your  home on Cherish Dream live, or if you are a blogger, artist and would like to feature your work at CDL  write me at nayana.cdl[at]

DIY Lack Lego table

My Son loves Lego but building big towers on small plate on carpet made him frustrated because after a lot of work tower would fall because of wobbly surface so we needed a Lego table. So I started searching for one but ummm..have you seen the price tag of the Lego tables available in market...ridiculous I tell you.

Initially I thought of converting our media center in Playroom in to lego table because of big surface and storage underneath. Just needed Lego plates and bin to put Lego but that table is big not easily movable, not idle to keep it upstairs and my son is 3 years old and doesn't play independently alone in basement so we needed something that can be lightweight, small and easily movable.

You might have seen Lack Lego table floating around pinterest and we chose the same. Its cheap, lightweight and perfect square surface. Ikea lack side table is approx 21x21 . we chose glossy white finish so it was $12 but same table with different colors comes even cheaper.

My son uses Lego DUPLO right now but I see small Lego in future and I do not want new plates later so we checked the regular Lego plates and DUPLO fits perfectly fine on it.

To build this DIY Lego table you will need
- Ikea Lack side table
- 4 Lego plates each 10x10
- mounting Putty

Imported Photos 00003


I got the Lego plates from Amazon because I like the liberty of getting it delivered at home  :) ...I think they were $4.99 each... Toys r us also has them sometime for buy 1 get 1 half .

Imported Photos 00005

Be generous with mounting putty and apply in zig zag on the back of plate and stick it to the table..table was 21x21 so we just eye balled it and created square surface with 4 10x10 plates. now When you join the two plates just secure them with Lego because it will need tiny bit of space to fit the lego perfectly.

Imported Photos 00009
We kept it like this for overnight... and here is my boy enjoying his new Lego table. we have a plan to build a shelf underneath for the storage..I will share updated table when that happens :)...right now we just put the bin under the table.

Imported Photos 00018
So do you have a Lego loving kid at home? are you planning to make table like this for your kid?


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Home tour - Elegant living room of Aradhana Rathore

Here is what Aradhana wrote in her email to me...

 "I am married to an army officer, I've always been very passionate about interiors......being an army wife moving lock,stock and barrel every two years has not been so easy yet in a way helped me to get even more creative and experimental with new spaces..... I like period furniture and fuss free interiors..I would like to share my drawing room with u........"





Isn't her living room truly an inspiration...I love how gracious, elegant it looks and still personalized....Beautiful home Aradhana, Thanks for sharing it with us!!

All images were provided by Aradhana Rathore.
would you like to do a home tour or show few corners of your  home on Cherish Dream live. write me at 

Centerpiece and flower arrangement...more pink love

Cherry blossom are long gone but I did not realized that I did not posted this arrangement until I transferred recent pictures :) so I thought better late than never.

Cherry blossom are gone but it doesn't feel like we are in mid of May month..its cold and windy outside and have kiddo so annoyed by all the allergies he is having due to pollen.Hopefully weather soon turn in our favors and we will have glorious days ahead.

I am not pink crazy girl but the blossom flowers brought out pink in me :)


after looking at these colors had to take out my netted pink dupatta.....

Tied knots at both end used as runner...



Then wanted something dreamy so fluffed duppatta around urli full of flowers and created centerpiece...




Here is a wish for pink and bright days ahead...


Are you bored? I promise no more cherry blossom :)
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Home tour - Personality stamped rented abode of Vandana Chaudhary

When Vandana sent me an email with few of her home pictures I felt that She was little skeptical but I assure you after Mamta's rented apartment tour you are in for another great example of how to add your personality in rented home.

All the artwork and paintings above the sofa are done by Vandana's son. I say her son is very the art gallery.
Shiv rathri day_Mar 2013 005

Vandana Says "I have stuck to cane furniture as these are inexpensive and give the space an earthy warm feel.Since we move cities and houses,I have not really invested in heavy wooden furniture pieces"

I love cane furnitures too Vandana...


Vandana says that her decor keeps changing as and when she find time and although the basic style remains the same,small items keep moving places.

She is extremely fond of plants and have tried creating a small garden in the balcony...


Vandana also adds that "All I do is play around with rugs,throws,cushions with funky,kitschy covers.These elements bring about all the changes in my space"



Vandana says "she has a very simple home and haven't been able to make changes as far as colours are concerned. It is a rented apartment and here in India, the tenants really cannot do much about the house hence her home is a low budget,low on maintenance decor style."


on my blog I have said this before and saying it again that creating a beautiful home is not about buying fancy things, bring it in the house and call it done. It is a process to create memories, surround us by the things we love and have a meaning. Vandana's home is a great example of that.

All images were provided by Vandana Chaudhary.
would you like to do a home tour or show few corners of your  home on Cherish Dream live. write me at 

On the nightstand...

Does sunlight bring out the photographer in you? it sure does to me .... :)i just want to do click click and click....ha..tell ya ....great therapy :)

Few things on the nightstand....

Slowly trying to add pop of orange in my green and white bedroom...

I love this Ikea pitcher vase...

Recently bought this little succulent plant which I need to transfer in bigger lot...sigh* so much to do and so little time..does this happen to you?

and This one is my favorite from the lot... :)Wish I could say that I am getting a time to read this books but still I like to have them around....
What do you have on your nightstand?
Linking it to Colours Dekor

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