Spring in the Master bedroom...

Hello hello my lovelies....How are you all? Missed me??

There is lot going on here and I have a lot to share but my computer hates me , you know :) laptop is not working properly and I am too lazy to go into basement office :) ipad only works for me when I have to do quick updates or updating the Facebook page.

anyhoo...its so beautiful outside and we are making sure to take advantage of that too...that is another reason for MIA :) but I have a lot to share so I thought I start with bedroom changes before it gets changed for summer...lol!

You will know why, because I had these beautiful bedding on the in winter and I thought I had clicked pics but apparently not so just showing you what was on in winter and I will bring this duvet out again in fall so Will definitely brag on that in Fall...umkay :)

So back to Spring changes...

I love these green duvet, its reversible with black on the other side. its from Bed bath and beyond and I take it out in Spring. Switched to cotton long time ago and never going back:)...with white sheets it feel so crisp, clean and fresh. Springlike!! Probably two years ago I started using white sheets and still love it..specially in spring and summer.

I have these vignette going on by my side of the bed... and his side only a stack of few books :) I will spare you that photo...


Master bedroom is west facing and gets beautiful sunlight but it gets really hot...I mean really really hot in summer here...

Reflection on Dresser mirror...

ohh yes and the curtains are new too...

So have you brought a spring in to the bedroom yet?

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  1. That bed sheet is gorgeous. I'd love to have white/light bed sheets only if they did not get dirty so easily! The plants have to be my favorite because of my love for greens indoors.

    No spring make over for me because before I could get over the planning and head to the execution, I realized it was summer :( We have a long weekend starting tomorrow and I hope to make some changes to the decor.

    As always, thanks for the inspiration, Nayana.

    1. Green/white is duvet Tanya..yes its difficult to have white sheets in India...you can bleach them but on the other note in India you can get very beautiful cotton printed/block printed, kantha whatever your heart desires easily...have fun changing decor and hv a great weekend...

  2. Oh my ... are you just sharing your sweet-sweet bedding or making us feel jealous !!! Hmm... let me think...
    Really these are eye-soothing colours and eye-candy ( and very tempting) pics, keep posting them to inspire us , always !

  3. ohh this bed sheet with little cute birdies is really beautiful...your room is very well maintained Nayana,love all the pics

  4. Lovely photos of your bedroom, Nayana, perfect for spring! I also love the way the green pot echoes the intricate design of the sheets...

  5. Twine balls inside lanterns..nice:)..I think i have seen other pictures of your bedroom..very peaceful and pretty

  6. Your room is stunning and your pictures are amazing. Love the green linens. Thanks so much for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. Gorgeous look in your Master bedroom - how fantastic that the comforter is so versatile - love the green color on this side! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  8. Love this touch - the green is beautiful.

    I would love for you to link up at the Mommy Archive - we're focusing on bedrooms this week, Alice x


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