Playroom gallery wall and free printables

Remember this picture when I shared playroom update and plan...


That little corner with the mattress is our family corner..that's were we lounge and watch TV while kiddo plays so I wanted to have a gallery wall with some of our favorite pics but I do not wanted to cover that whole corner and go big as its playroom not a main Family room.

we already had vinyl family quote there from begining....from the time when I started working on this room so idea was to include that in photo gallery.

What I had in my mind was colorful frames and light weight as I already mentioned when we did makeover of playroom entry that I do not want worry about heavy wooden frames with glass which can hurt someones...sometimes play can go rough in there, specially when kids are playing alone. So Ikea NYTTJA was in my mind all along but I also wanted some fun shape ones too..not just the rectangle. so when I went to Ikea, I brought the gallery idea which I had drawn on paper and chose these white, green and blue frame with few NYTTJA frmaes.

photo (2)

Now if you see above pic there is no  NYTTJA frames  because when I arranged it with this chunky frame, it didn't look quite right.

I had this display going on the wall beside but I never liked the idea of two brown frame with printables on side of flashcard display so I removed them and used one in gallery...

Brown is not the color I want so...
Seriously spray paint can transform anything :)

And up on the wall around family vinyl quote...
Here is without brown frames around the number flashcard wall display...My initial choice for spray painted frame was red but I wanted to pull the colors of the pillow so I went with yellow:)
So I already purchased few NYTTJA frames...where did it go ? :)

I ended up using them to create a little photo group above table and chairs...
Our Guru "Pramukh swami maharaj" has big impact on our life and I wanted to it to be part of my son's playroom so...
I grouped it with the printable I created...I love that printable and I have kept it without watermark so you all can download and enjoy...:)

Another printable I created long time so appropriate for kids room or playroom...

I have just one more project to show you for playroom and then the big reveal...can't wait :)
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  1. what a beautiful place Nayana! Absolutely loved it!

  2. Love the bright colors! Where did you get the adorable table and chairs?

  3. Love the colors, Nayana :)

    I like that alphabet foam mat. Waiting for the big reveal to see where it's place now, if it is at all. Sent it as a gift for my nephew on his first b'day. Hope he likes it just as much as I do.

  4. Oh my.. thats refreshing.. Love how it looks.. Its always nice to see some fresh flowers at home.. :)


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