Home tour - Vibrant, kitschy home of Mamata Sharma Das in Noida - part II

So are you ready to see more of Mamta's home and story...

If you have not seen Part I of Mamta's home do check it out HERE.

Here is what else Mamta has to say about her home...

"During a visit to West Africa, I got hooked up with the intrinsic beauty of masks. Before I realized, the d├ęcor within my home got it fair share of masks picked carefully from Delhi flea markets as well also other collectibles from garage sales. The colourful handmade iguanas from packaging wires(brought from the street vendors in the city of Antananarivo) serves as icing on the cake.



The ‘terracotta’tiles on my studio wall is inspired by Jamini Roy’s painting (famous artist from Kolkata) bought carefully from a local market in Kolkata.

My home is a blend of culture from all over India.  You can sense, how different cultures are amalgated under one roof. Incense stand holder, mini triangular wood engraved closet from Saharanpur. Wall hangings and patchwork umbrella purchased from Gujarat handicrafts. Blue pottery from Jaisalmer .


To your surprise, the investment in everything is real low. Collectibles and other artefacts are usually street brought, or acquired from flea markets and garage sales.



Creativity cannot function 24/7 so I try to make most of the time by changing the setting of the house.  However, blogging helps to gather fresh ideas and conceive them in my unique way."

Mamata blogs at DESI by NATURE...do check it out and say hello to her..

I love this vibrant Kitchy, Soulful home..don't you?

All image provided by Mamta.
If you would like to share the corners of your lovely home here at CDL ..please write me at nayana.cdl@gmail.com


  1. I think that I'm in love with Mamta, such vibrant style, full of personality and outgoing! Love this home :)

  2. Thanks a Tonn Meeha ( if thats your name :) )

    Just popped in to ur blog n let me tell u its wonderful !
    Started Following you


  3. Love..Love..Love..
    Such a beautiful home


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