Home tour - Vibrant, kitschy home of Mamata Sharma Das in Noida - part I


Its friday again, were you waiting for home tour? If so, you are in for a great treat. This is a post going to be worth reading and drooling at beautiful pics...

When I received Mamta's email my jaw literally dropped , not just because she have beautiful home but the way she has shared her home story with us. I am going to this tour in two part because there is so many things I love about her home and her story...so its not possible to include all in one post :)

Now here is something about Mamta :
"I live in Noida with my better half and our lovely pet dog ‘Pranky’.

An amateur in blogging world, I am still learning the tricks of the trade but as an avid learner, I keep a tap  on creative aspects and absorb the spark of people who share the same passion. They inspire me to challenge my ideas and bring the best out of me.

I followed a corporate regime for a major part of my career before turning to my first love i.e; Creativity. Not just painting, my passion includes crafts, traveling, collecting handicrafts and artifacts collected from all across the world, Bakingcollecting Mugs (coz I am a die-hard tea lover), DoodlingBlue Pottery, Drawing Murals,HennaPhotography and a long list of things which makes me happy. I am a huge kitsch fan too!"

Now her home story : "Home is where my heart is"
"Marriage propelled me to move into this house which was a typical bachelor’s mess. Like a challenge, I happily accepted it and began to think how I can turn it into a heaven of my dreams. The first spark came from there only.

IMG_0762 - Copy

First task comprised of colouring the entire house into a schematic manner. Walls were covered in bright fiery yellow and tint of orange partially. My living room represents life and features a combination of yellow ochre and warm yellow on the corresponding walls.


The furniture is cane wood brought from an auction fair and truly represents the earthy feel. The rustic taste for fashion and interior is more ethnic than contemporary.  The dark Mahogany shade represents my taste in Cane, which is unique and lovely in its own way.


There is a peculiar beauty about colourful wine bottles which always captivated my attention. These empty bottles now serve as ‘home’ to my bamboo and money plants.


As an adventurer and enthusiast, I truly believe that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words...

Like a true artist, I believe in creating something new rather than working or living on something which already exists. "
Mamata blogs at DESI by NATURE...do check it out and do not forget to follow her :) There is many more drool worthy pics and much left to her story so will be soon back with part - II :)

All images were provided by Mamta.

I am loving all the emails you have been sending for home tours...keep them coming. I find these real life homes much more inspirational them magazine ones and I am sure you all agree :)

Check out PART II of Mamta's home HERE..

So if you would  like to do a home tour or show few corners of your  home on Cherish Dream live. write me at nayana.cdl@gmail.com
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  1. Beautiful and interesting corners. Looking forward to the next series.

    I agree, I like to see pictures of real homes where real people live and not magazine ones. Thats why I like your blog so much Nayana.

    1. I am so glad you found my nest worthwhile for ur beautiful space - Cherish Dream Live . Grinning on reading every comment

    2. You have a beautiful home Mamata...glad you have shared it with us :)

  2. You have lovely home Mamta very lively and vibrant, just love each and every picture of this home.
    Nayana thanks for showing us such beautiful home :)

    1. Thank u so so much Disha, this brings in a lot of encouragement to me.

  3. Lovely and Cozy Home, First time here... Enjoyed it! Yes Keep them coming the Home Tours, I can't twist my hand at interior decorating, at least I can look at the pictures to get some ideas.. :-)

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Mythreyi and glad to know that you liked it. You too have a great blog :)

  4. such a nice decor and recycling idea...! I like the way Mamta has arranged the stuffs..

    1. Thank u so much for all the love :)


  5. lovely lovely space, I can feel such an energy around! Thanks Nayana for this trip!

  6. This is not only very beautiful but very lively as well. I like the framed wall arts and I just could not help but drool at the beautiful wine bottles. And yes, those curtains complement the decor well.

    Very well done, Mamata.

  7. Thank u So much Tanya :)

  8. That is such a gorgeous home.. I love the warm colours.. and those curtains sure compliment all the decor.. I love the touch of wood.. and the hint of yellows and orange.. Loved it.. :)

  9. Mamta...you have a Beautiful home...love how you've placed everything...and the colors ohhh they are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful home tour Nayana :).

  10. This is my best friends home... she is an equally a beautiful person.


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