Home tour - Enchanting corners of Reshma sharma's home in Lukhnow

Enchanting.Yes..thats what I feel about Reshma's home and I am sure you will too after looking at these lovely pics of Reshma's home.

So welcome to Sharma residence :)

Here is what Reshma has to say about her self , home and her love for gardening....
"Hello, I'm Reshma- a mom, a wife, a homemaker and these are the three active roles I'm playing right now to the hilt . The rest have taken a backseat. I love playing with interiors, gardening, photography and at times cooking besides the other mundane things I find myself doing.
 I live in Lucknow ( India) and am totally in love with this city. We moved into our own home last year and the joys and pleasures of doing up your own place is incomparable. There was always a risk of things backfiring when we bought a piece of land and started building on it from scratch and there were many lessons we learnt- the good, bad and the ugly but towards the end of it , we had a beautiful house waiting to welcome us with open arms. 
I have a very traditional style when it comes to decorating my place and handicrafts always dominate other things . Anything that is hand crafted, hand painted or handmade always catches my fancy. I have lots of floor seating arrangements and I love low seating corners too. You'll get to see lots of them in my home. Indoor plants always find their way in and there are corners dedicated to them alone along with other knick- knacks. Another thing that I cannot keep away from is the love for pottery- terracotta as well as ceramic ones and you'll see lots of them in every corner of my home. "


Its so amazing that in one year Reshma has made house in to beautiful ,lovely home with lots of personality..
She loves "pink" and find it refreshing. Her daughter did not wanted pink in her room so Reshma created beautiful pink warli corner for her self on terrace...pretty amazing...huh! Can you believe she painted warli for the first time..

Reshma says "There can't be a woman on this planet who does'nt feel better when her living space is organised . I am no different. Though I'm not a perfect housewife and there are times I can't even iron a shirt collar convincingly but yes, I do like to see my home as a clutter free area and if things are well organised and look good then I do sleep well at night :) "

So cozy....

Love love the tea set...its heirloom...gifted by her in-laws..

Rehsma has facebook page Love and Care ...where she shares so many beautiful inspirations for home and garden. There is much much more then what I showed you here..so do check it out her page for some drool worthy garden and home pics and do not forget to 'like' it :)

All the images were provided by Reshma.

would you like to do a home tour or show few corners of your  home on Cherish Dream live. write me at nayana.cdl@gmail.com


  1. Reshma's home is beautiful. Nayana thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments :)

  2. Lovely home. Every nook and cranny is gorgeous. Reshma, love the wall colors.

  3. Oh, such a dream home ! I've seen this pink wall with Warli art before too... but I never thought of the homemaker who looks at it daily and has her tea there ...sigh ! Beautiful home decor, everything has a beauty and also has her personal touch.

  4. Every image is an eye candy. Lovely home tour. Thanks Nayana & Reshma for this visual treat.

  5. Reshma, if you are reading this... I have to say that I am in love with your terrace. The structure of the wall, the smalls shelf kinds slots, the tericotta, cushions and above all the wall art looks amazing together.

    And we share the Lucknow-bond :) It sure is a beautiful city. Especially after the recent developments.

  6. Beautiful home and love the pops of pink!
    thanks for showcasing her home nayana!


  7. I've been to Lucknow! My dad is from there.

    You have a pretty home!

  8. Oh I remember seeing that pink warli for the first time.... love at first sight!!! And now the whole house unravels its beauty :)

  9. What a beautiful home! Love the pink Warli art wall!

  10. Thank you so much everyone for your kind words on Reshma's home...she appreciates your comments and conveyed her thanks :)

  11. so many interesting corners and niches.... loved the pink warli art and the tea set vignette with the sprigs of bougainvillea in the silver glass.

  12. The nook in the second pic is stuuning, love the large cushions and the colors. The house is such a warm heaven, thanks for this tour Reshma and Nayana!

    1. I love that nook too...such a beautiful home and thanks for dropping baby Ambika :)

    2. I meant by not *baby* :) oh ...Hw I smtime hate autocorrect :)

  13. such a gorgeous home Reshma. It is so inspiring. Thanks Nayana for showing us such wonderful pretty abodes.


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