Flowers and lemons...spring at home...

I love having fresh flowers at home but truth is can't afford them always...So whenever we add new plants in our yard...I keep in my mind that will I be able to cut and bring blooms inside..not always but I do :)

As spring has finally knocked on our door we have corcus bulbs blooming in our yard...
Aren't those pretty...

But very small in size and just a little stem...but that did not stop me from bringing it inside :)
So when we had just 3 blooms...first arrangements I tried was fill the cyclinder vase with pebbles and tuck this little beauties inside...


ha..I usually covers the top angle :)

Then I bought the lemons from store and My son marks his territory on the kitchen table so I move things to ledge between the dining and breakfast room...


Then after few days I saw more blooms ...:) I created this arrangement by putting pebbles in glass plate and tucked the flowers...

Imported Photos 00056

It still cold whenever I went outside they were all closed in but as soon I bring'em inside and put them in water..they look happy...


few white petals with yellow flower in glass...

Lemons bought from grocery store in a vase on to counter top instead of put it in a fridge...

And here is my favorite...

This was in mind for very long and seen so many times on pinterest recently usually in vases but I did not had bouquet of flowers with big stem so I used Pyrex glass containers...put the smaller one inside the big one...

I cut few slices of lemon and put it in the space between the bowls and tucked in flowers in pebble in small container....if you were to do this in Vase..put small vase or glass of water inside the vase..put lemon slice between two and flowers in the inner vase/glass..
DSC_0265 (2)

So do you love having fresh flowers fix at home?

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  1. These are great ideas Nayana! I have the same Pyrex bowls! I guess you could also have water in with the lemon slices which may keep the slices even better. I think our climate is too warm for crocus but I could use these ideas with other flowers too as we rarely buy flowers.

    1. can absolutely use this ideas with other flowers...

  2. What a fresh idea! Not only will it look great, but smells amazing. Thanks for the inspiration, I love it!

    1. You are absolutely right about the felt so good and fresh...

  3. Excellent Nayana.Next time I have people over,I would definitely have something like this on my table.I love the colour of the flowers too.Mauve with orange.Very unique.

  4. Wow!!!!!!
    Pretty and smily idea.
    very nice.

  5. Totally spring and truly beautiful....Great job!

  6. Hey , superb ideas, loved the one with sliced lemon and purple flowers.
    Incidently my post is also about flower decor at home

  7. What a fantastic idea to have with sliced lemons! I thought they were good room refresheners but also keeping flowers so beautiful! Wow!

  8. very nice are very talented

  9. Gorgeous flower photos! I wish I could garden that well!!!

  10. I should have crocus in bloom very soon and you've inspired me to bring some indoors and arrange them!

  11. Very pretty! I bet the smell is amazing too :) Autumn greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  12. Awesome Work!!! Beautiful pics of arrangements of fresh flowers with lemons..Very Nice....

  13. Very pretty, Nayana! I would never have thought to cut the smaller flowers, but you have shown some wonderful inspiration in how to display them. At our old house, I used to cut flowers all the time ~ roses, hydrangeas, daisies. I only just planted hydrangeas last year around our new place and hope to get a couple of rose bushes in this year.

  14. Fresh flowers ARE fun to play with and arrange! I love all the ideas you came up with! Visiting from the Open House Party.

  15. How beautiful these all are. You have such good ideas...thanks so much for sharing.
    xo bj

  16. I love that arrangement on the plate with the pebbles. So pretty. I love fresh flowers!

  17. Gorgeous flower arrangements - so pretty! Thanks for sharing at Project Inspired! I pinned this to our group linky party pinboard! xo Heather

  18. Beautiful flowers... Never seen those before! Lovely arrangements. How are the air plant doing? Have they been replaced by these flowers or they are additions to previous arrangements?

    1. Air plants doing well...and flowers has not replaced them..they r doing great on window sill, just saw yesterday that they hv started changing color a lil and I am excited :)

  19. I love the ideas... impressive.. Thank you for linking in last week.. I'm hopefully getting back to checking blogs now.. :)


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