DIY river stone trivet - Vivaterra knock off

When Priti shared this inspiration on their facebook page, I liked it very much but then it got out of my mind..but it was meant to be thats why it came in path again on pinterest.
This inspiration picture is from Vivaterra and now get ready to see my knock off :)

Its super easy they have used felt pad as the base but I wanted something sturdy and I also wanted to give makeover to my Ikea cork trivets. it comes in a set of 3 for $2.99
I had white stones collected from beach and got one bag from dollar store..mixed them all selected them according to the size.

First I arranged all stones on the trivet before applying hot glue. I did not go for any particular pattern but just wanted to make sure they fit in nicely before I glue them.
Then I hot glued all the stones and voila my stone trivets are ready
I only did 2 because I like two as set and I am gonna use 3rd on for another project :)
This can be also used as a base to put planters etc. I always loved the earthy feeling of stones/pebbles. They look so natural...

You can make placemats, table runners etc. by gluing stones to the felt, netted backing. it will give natural look to table setting.
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  1. Nayana they are looking so cute what an easy DIY and super useful. Good job!!

  2. Oh, these are beautiful! Love them, and love your blog! I'm a follower! Thanks for sharing! Dona

  3. So wonderful, I've got goose bumps from the texture of cork and pebbles!

  4. Oh this is very creative and useful too ! will surely try !

    1. Thanks! If you do try..would love to see the pics :)

  5. itz a supercool flattered with it nayana...thx 4r sharing...

  6. Love your trivit, what a great idea. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. These look perfect! Your love for your hot glue gun must have grown multi-folds after seeing this. Isn't it? :)


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