Air plants arrangements , Aerium and Centerpiece

Remember my obsession with Air plants. Well, they are actually in my home since last 3 weeks and I have tried few arrangements. I love them...They are so far doing well and easy to take care. They are mostly on our west side window sill and they seem to love all the light.

I water them around 2 times a week... I just hold them under the slow water stream and let it soak all the water and then I put them on the paper towel to dry and then back to their place. I have read that misting also works but not tried yet.

In the beginning I had them stacked in cylinder vase...try this arrangement only with smaller plants.


Simply tucked them in  white bowls...
Imported Photos 00188

and I love this one...I only had two cylinder vase...but I think this looks better then it would in trio of vase

  Now here is the best part..can you guess what I have used In below pic to create Aerium...
Imported Photos 00227

This is a glass shade of chandelier...Our Chandelier is old brass one with glass shades. In my mind, I wanted to remove them forever. I like the look without them. Hubby and kiddo plays ball in the house and He was worried that glass shade might fall and hurt someone. so he removed them....score. I like the chandelier without them and I can use the shades in my adventures..there are many in my mind :) and this is is one of them...Aerium.

Imported Photos 00223

And I saved best one for last :)
Imported Photos 00103

white tray, glass shades, some pebbles and air plants..
Imported Photos 00140

early morning light in our breakfast area...
Imported Photos 00134

I have one other variety of air plant but that for some other day :) This ones just started changing color around the edge. I have few other arrangement in my mind and Terrarium...will share as I try..ummmkay :)
Air Plants
I am still obsessed, right? ha..ha
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  1. Nayana.. this is not fair. With every post that I read here at CDL, my wish list grows. Latest addition being these airplants. I recently got nice, white, metal pot for plants but I am scared to put in soil directly for fear of spoiling it. Airplants fit in best! Thanks to you.

    Now to those absolutely gorgeous arrangements. I liked EACH one of those. The white bowl fits well with the two cylindrical vases. The centerpiece is just amazing. Well captured shots to share.

    This post was a morning delight for me! Have a nice day.

    1. aww..thank you so much friend :) means a lot...

  2. So beautiful Nayana! Love it.

  3. Really modern and very pretty. These are added to my wish list

  4. Awww...... so so pretty !!! Lovely arrangement !

  5. All of these are beautiful arrangements Nayana! The chandelier glasses look amazing as cloches. Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week!


  6. I have bought some air plants after I read your first post on them. I am so in love with them!!! I love what you have done with yours. I had just taken some picutes of mine and am in the process of writing a post on them. Keep us informed on how they are growing. Thanks so much for the idea to grow these very interesting plants. :)

    1. You are welcome Diane.Would definitely check your post for more inspiration.

  7. They are beautiful and so versatile. Love every arrangement, especially the old lamp shades. Where did you find the air plants?

    Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story

  8. Oh how I heart it!amazing inspirations,fell in love with your simple and oh so fresh look center piece.Just the perfect picture to start your day with


  9. Ooh! Ooh! ooooohhhh! Gorgeousness!
    Where did you get those air plants, Nayana? I'm so eaten up with envy! Love all your arrangements :)

    1. Thanks Sunita...I got them from etsy but I hv seen them on amazon too..l

  10. Simply one word...Stunning!

  11. Thanks for sharing your fabulous air plant post at Project Inspired #8! Hope to see you at tomorrow night's party1

  12. Hey simply superb....i totally love it...I am going to try them at home and if I click a picture I will dedicate it to you :). Where do we buy the air plants , will the nurserys in bangalore have them?

    1. I have no idea Reema about that but ou can always as and may be you will get a souce/link fro there.. have fun:)

  13. Beautiful, Nayana! Not only are the projects gorgeous, you have really fired up your photography skills. I love each and every arrangement!

  14. oh my!! oh my!! this is lovely.. impressive.. I like this!!

  15. Those are some beautiful arrangements. Love your blog. Found you from the Charm of Home.
    I am your newest follower.

    -Priyam from

  16. Thanks you providing the information regarding air plants.

  17. Thank you for providing the information regarding air plants.There are all plants so nice that are responsible for filtering the air, so long as the plant itself is healthy


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