100th post -Too much for our spring sign...

Last weekend my son and I played with finger paint, He first painted Rainbow on bubble wrap and then we put the color side down on paper, pressed and created SPRING sign.

I guess we need to write N with dark color Marker...

Proudly put it on the font door...

and Today...

But these white snow flowers looks pretty too...right?

In my head I was already thinking about what to plant this year... :)


And just because I have to take a photo with decor perspective too...


We are definitely not taking down the spring sign and embrace the last snow(probably ) of the season.

Happy Women's Day to all lovely ladies ...keep inspiring!!
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P.s. This is 100th post on Cherish Dream Live..This is my passion no matter blogging break or not...i always comes back here and if I have inspired you in any way thats a bonus. THANK YOU all from bottom of my heart for the encouragement, support and LOVE. It means a LOT to me. Xo Nayana


  1. wowww this red lanthern was so appealinggg..Next time i am gonna try with my black one i have at home.But this red one is so wowww

  2. The only snow I have seen is in the one year that I spent in Michigan and I loved it!! These pictures take me back to those days :)

    Good that you decided not to take the beautiful and colorful sign off, spring would know that Om has been waiting for it to come and might just push away winter to make place for itself!

    As for the replies, the only option I see is to hit the 'Subscribe by email' link below the comment box. I'll do that soon after posting this comment. Would love to have you do the same when you are at Kreative Korner, so that we can build conversations :). Thing girls are best at ;)

  3. Hey, Nayana congrats for completing 100 posts. Snow flowers look pretty(I wish we had that in B'lore), and to break the monotone white, ur lantern was colourful. .

  4. aaawww.. how nice is that red lantern.. I envy you.. with all that snow.. :)

  5. Congrats on the 100th post. Spring sign is done well by your son. Great pictures!

  6. Hey Nayana!
    Those red lanterns and feng shui bells looks so stunning against white snowy backdrop...
    And congrats dear for your 100th post.


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