Inspirations - Kids art display ideas

Want to display your kids art somewhere else then Refrigerator *wink*. Here are some inspirations..:)

Create easily removable frames using painter's tape
Via Real simple via CherishDreamLive on Pinterest

Hang them through paper clip on wood board....
Via alittleofthis---alittleofthat via CherishDreamLive on Pinterest

Arts hanging through wire or twine.....
Via CherishDreamLive on Pinterest
via CherishDreamLive on Pinterest

Clipboard art center...
via cleanandscentsible via CherishDreamLive on Pinterest

Or just put them on the wall with double sided tape...And we chose do go with that....
Via faiblessed via CherishDreamLive on Pinterest

I love how we can add as we have more arts and now its filled till bottom of the wall...will show you on playroom reveal...
via our playroom
How do you display kids art in your home? Are you inspired to try any of this options?


  1. Interestingly, I am looking for ways to display my own art work ;) Any suggestion on doing that in a cost effective way?

    I like the double-sided and painter's tape ideas! But I am afraid the tape will peel off the paint on my walls along with it when I pull it off. Worth a try though :D

  2. Beautiful ideas & sharing!! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. You have found some great ideas here. I really like the last two. My 5 year old frequently does drawings but always gives them to friends or family, usually folded up in an envelope even though we suggest she doesn't fold/crease them.

  4. I like the hanging on a wire - I think that you can use a simple Ikea curtain wire to do that!


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