Home tour - Beautiful corners of Madhu's home in chennai

Yay...time for another home tour on the blog. Today I am going to share beautiful corners of Madhu Gopalan's home in Chennai. Madhu is a Hyderabadi girl currently lives with her husband Ashwin in a 4th floor rented apartment with plenty of natural light and breeze. She loves photography so get ready for some drool worthy pics of her home.

MadhuGopalanHome (1)

Beaded curtain in these pics were made by her......pretty awesome...huh!
MadhuGopalanHome (4)

Madhu also loves gardening, travelling and making the space around her look pretty. she writes two blogs - Aadab Hyderabad, about her beautiful hometown and All Mix Fruit Juice, an everyday sort of photo blog.

I love that chair and pillow....
MadhuGopalanHome (3)

Madhu says her decorating style is probably "Arabian Nights meets Bollywood" - and attracted to bright colours, bling, antiques and clutter, whereas her husband prefers a clean, classic and minimalist look. she thinks her home is somewhere between the two - with cluttered points of interest and empty spaces in between.
Madhu's hydrabadi attar bottle collection...
MadhuGopalanHome (5)

Love everything in this pic...cat mobile, cabinet and sholey poster...

MadhuGopalanHome (2)

Madhu's home is an excellent example of how you can add your own personality in rented home. Do not forget to visit her blog, I am sure you will not be disappointed :) All images by Madhu Gopalan.

would you like to do a home tour or show few corners of your  home on Cherish Dream live. write me at nayana.cdl@gmail.com


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely post Nayana!

  2. That's a pretty home and I loved her bottles collection.

  3. Well hello there. Your post came in my feed, though I don't remember ever visiting your site. The light is lovely in your friend's home.

  4. Very well decorated and lovely collections!

  5. what a beautiful home! Loved the book shelf & planter chair!

  6. Love the place, and the way Madhu has decorated it with all the colourful beaded hangings... and the Shole poster is just the perfect thing anyone could have in her home !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thank you so much for your kind comments, everyone! And thanks again, Nayana :)

  8. What a gorgeous house!! Loved every picture! Loveeeeee!


  9. No doubt.. gorgeous for sure.. Such a stunning home... of an amazing person.. :)

  10. Such a lovely home and each corner so warm and happy :)

  11. Wowwww Wat a lovely home those bead curtain stole my heart

  12. Bautiful beautiful home!!!! Loving the ethnic hangings!!


  13. Thank you so much, everyone :) So glad you like the pics :)


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