DIY organizer for kids

My son will be 3 this month..boy he is sure growing fast :) and he is now doing a whole lot of preschool stuff drawing, writing  I was looking for organizer to put markers, pencils etc. in his basement playroom. Initially I thought of painting cans with chalkboard paint which I already have from my chalkboard pantry door, but I wanted something colorful so decided to make it with most colorful thing - crayons. I already had crayons left from my crayon monogram art for the playroom and I ended up using just one box of 64 crayons for both projects.

This is easiest DIY ever and here is what you need..

Crayons/Pencils of your choice
Rubber band
Ribbon/ twine
Tin can (washed and label removed)

Now before you start, I want you to be careful with the cans you choose...make sure that it doesn't have a sharp edges do not want to cut the little precious fingers :)

Step 1: Put the rubber band around the can

Step 2: Insert crayons/pencils of your choice between the can and rubber band, continue doing that until you have whole can covered.

Step 3: Tie a ribbon or twine of your choice around the can over the rubber band to make it look more presentable.

Step 4: Your crayons organizer is ready...put the things of your choice inside :)

Here is the another I made using extra color pencils we had using the same method..

Crayon and pencil Organizers

Here is what else you can do...if you want more permanent fix , you can use hot glue, crazy glue whatever you like to glue crayon/pencils to can.

So, got any extra school supplies at can use whatever you have, arrange them in the pattern you like and will have your very own unique organizer. Linking it to Colours Dekor, Table Top Tuesday Open house party


  1. This is indeed very nice, Nayana... I have seen a different version in Art Idea, I suppose...this is cute too :) Perfect for kids table!

  2. This is beautiful Nayana. So colorful!!

  3. Such an awesome idea Nayana, I will try my hands on this DIY!

  4. Great tip Nayana! It looks awesome and sure kids will love it.

  5. This is awesome Nayana. We made something similar recycling old sketch pens. Here is the link :
    Recycling craft

    1. I love how you have recycled dried up sketch pens ....good idea

  6. What a super idea and one they will love. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. great idea never thought of it this way.

  8. Superb idea Nayana. I'd be tempted to pull out one of those crayons and use it, tough ;) i like that you preferred using colors over chalk board paint for the kiddo. Brightess and colors bring so much cheerfulness.


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