Basement Playroom update and Plan

I may be the slowest person evvveeer on earth to put together a room because last when I talked about the playroom was a year ago :)
I love what we have done so far, room is functional and get used everyday but not well put together yet. so I am going to show you what it looks like today and what are my plans for it.

we added ABCs foam puzzle mat from costco as a rug. It has held up pretty well so far and been in use since last one year.  Its soft, can easily be wiped down and great as puzzle. my son has played with it a lot...taking letters,numbers,boarder out and then put it back.


Here is the toy storage and book shelves
In this post I showed you the how we used Ikea spice rack as book shelf and Trofast storage system for toys. looking back at looked so sterile then and now I think the place has lived in feeling.


I added few dollar store slotted baskets to add some more storage. we also have a small play area upstairs so it is nice to have all toys divided. I always put some toys away and rotate them so the toys feels new and I think with all toys divided, they have better sense playing on actually what they want instead of dumping everything on floor.


Here is the little art display corner...I just put them on the wall with double sided tape. This is working great for us because my son feels very proud when I put his arts up on wall and with this arrangement I can put many on wall and I like how it fills up this corner of the room.

I also wanted to hang something from ceiling so decided to go with solar system...this is glow in the dark system that I got from Amazon though we do not get to use this feature as this room mostly used with lights on but it's still fun to watch for a lil bit when we switch off the light and head upstairs.


Here is the display on one of the wall, I punched a hole in numbers flash card, passed ribbon through it. Crayon monogram in the center is a DIY, click here to see how I created it. Overall I am not too excited about this wall display right was created a year ago...taste changes. I might change/ update few things in here.


Our playroom is a family affair so this a lounge area where we sit and watch tv while my son plays, cuddle or read a book with him. We already had a twin mattress and I just put some pillows which I already had. These pillows works better then throw pillows for support and I also wanted to work with what I had. it also doubles as Trampoline *wink* when no adults in the room :) small basket in the corner holds colorful throws for extra comfort.

 Little writing corner...marker organizer are super easy DIY with extra school supply. click here to see how I have created it.

So what I think is incomplete in this room and the plan I have, below pics will tell you more about that. sorry about the phone pics as I practically do not have a good camera with me..yes. my digital camera and one of the lens of DSLR broke last year...i will not bore you with the story but only with zoom lens I have, its hard to shoot indoors so few phone pics to give you better look at the room.


This room is quite big and I want to keep the center of the room open so there is a lot of space available to run around and free play.
Below is the most neglected wall of the playroom

This is the entry to the playroom which seriously needs some change, blue thing that hanging right now is crib quilt

I have already got the supplies I need to do above mentioned changes and will share the progress as we move along and also some of the inspirations.

so, are you like me, who starts doing one room and before finishing it moves to the next ?what do you think of the changes so far? any suggestions?
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  1. Wow! This is a beautiful and fun play room.  I'd  love to have you link this to Titus 2 Tuesday this week on Cornerstone Confessions.. I hope to see you there. 

  2. Nayana, I love how colorful the room looks right now. Do as you please but please don't take away the fun element from the room. Let it be your child's favorite corner in the house :)

    Waiting for the new pictures, already! Have fun re-arranging!

    1. Don't worry Tanya...I am not going to change what we have rt now..will just fill few empty wall is a fun room and will be :)

    2. Hey Nayana, I just hopped over to check if my comment was posted here, since I had some trouble while posting it and I see your reply here.

      Looks like I need to subscribe to get notification about replies. This also means that my readers are probably not getting notified about the replies I post :( Which is bad.

      I just replied to your comment on my post. Did you receive an email for that? Would appreciate i you could confirm. If not, I'll have to think of a better way to build communication with my bloggy friends :)

  3. What a great playroom! It looks like so much fun. Thanx for sharing at THT.

  4. Love all the cheerful colors! I am exactly like that - I start a room and then get involved somewhere else. It takes me forever to finish one space!

  5. This looks so pretty! Great job! I came to visit from the No Minimalist here party and now following you! Have a great week Nayana!
    Lizy at

  6. I think your son is a very lucky boy to have such an inspiring place to play and create! Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!


  7. Adorable and fun! So wish I could do something like this for my little guy! Great work! :)

  8. You have an amazing playroom - perfectly organized and colorful - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  9. Wow, what a playroom! Your kid will definitely enjoy playing in such a colorful room..

  10. oh my gosh.. You've done such a fabulous job... Yes.. I agree with the new ideas too... Your little ones must be thrilled... :)

  11. neat storage ideas! good pictures!
    checking your other posts now.


  12. Oh, you have so many good ideas in here people could use! I am featuring this today!

    1. Thank you so much Sherry...appreciate it.

  13. Lovely room! Looks out of a decor catalogue! Great job!


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