Basement Playroom Entry Before and After

Remember the Playroom entry I shared when I did update on playroom. It looked like this...

This are the stairs leading to the playroom in basement and my plan was to give here some glimpse of the space you are going to be in but within small budget.

I wanted to add some whimsy to sloppy ceiling on the stairs as that is the first thing you see while going down so then came the idea of putting decals...I wanted to go with some primary shapes so bought this circle decals from amazon...i think they were about $10 for 31 decals.


I am really bummed about this but there will few phone pics as lens of my DSLR is still not fixed...honey...are you listening?*wink*

Hubby helped and put those decals on ceiling and few on sides :)

Now I wanted to Write in some words that what playroom is about...Initially I thought of adding big wooden letters with ribbon but checked the letters at walmart and they were about $3 each....then I realized that I have some small foam magnetic letter that came with easel, letters are small so I can put more words. my son uses other plastic magnetic letter we have so I got the letters out and started arranging the words I wanted...I wanted to add DREAM to but I ran out of letters :)

I had Mounting putty that I bought for another project so I applied just a lil bit of that behind each letter and put them on wall

I had to be a lil creative here as many letters were repeating..checkout 'E' in the create and 'A' ,'N' in Have Fun...

Now..we also spend time in this playroom as a our family pic and 'LOVE' sign as we land in the playroom... Frames mostly I chose in the playroom are Ikea NYTTJA frames because I wanted colorful, cheap, lightweight and front protection is not glass so I don't have to worry when kids play down there. LOVE printable is from Here.


Circle rings you see around the frames are not decals...when we removed our circle decals from the sticker sheets, there were this rings still left on we cut these rings from sheets using scissor and hubby helped too...isn't he a sweetheart. He put those frames and ring stickers on wall...
These is how we get more bangs out of our bucks.... :)

To got with our square shape in frame is the blue square rug from Ikea $10.. and basket are from media center in playroom  because media center is being replaced too...will spill the beans soon :)


Here is how it looks from the playroom...

View as you go down in basement...

I love looking at Before and After so...

Only money I spend here was for Rug, decals and frames. Total $30.

Eventually I would replace this basket with some storage unit/chest that tuck in that corner but for now I like this, my son loves it and so does his friends :)
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  1. Super cool and colorful! And you know what I liked the best? Those rings on the picture frame wall. They look so good there. Trash to treasure, I'd say!

    And that picture of the three of you is so sweet :) Touchwood!

  2. What a great way to use the space. Nicely decorated...

  3. Yup, that definitely spruced up that stairway! :) Love the bright colors, too. I'd love to have you share at What to do Weekends Party! Really cute thing to do on the weekends, don't you think? Take care, Linda following.

  4. Wow this looks so inviting :)

  5. oh I love this idea... I Love how youve transformed this space.. simply awesome!! :)

  6. Nice ideas making great.
    AFTER is great.

  7. Will u pls suggest me something for my stairway


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