A Happy Home

Last month I did a happy home for the first time and you all loved it as much as I loved writing it...so from now on every month I will do one happy home post ...


Happy home is west facing so its getting abundant of sunlight...I specially love it in the evening.


My bro-in-law send this "murti" of Lord Swaminarayan last summer..its been in this attire all winter so I thought I would share it before I change wagha(cloths)


Happy home celebrated two birthdays this month...My son Om and Hubby's birthdays are one day apart....home made eggless chocolate cupcakes with nutela icing from many treats we have had this month :) Be nice you all...I am a novice baker, was icing it for the first time :)


and here is the one were kiddo playing in happy home...


Now happy home also gets tons of laundry which I need to fold..so see ya tomorrow :)
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  1. Lovely set of photos Nayana with a beautiful golden glow. Your cupcakes look very good.

  2. What beautiful pictures. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Loved the one with the green pot but outstanding one was the Murti.You have a lovely home.

  4. Your cupcakes look delicious. You did a great job making them look beautiful, especially for a novice baker. Thanks for stopping by, I liked you on face book and followed you as well.

  5. you got a creative blog here...
    visit mi sometimes :))

  6. Really pretty pictures...of the cupcakes especially!

  7. Your cupcakes doesn't tell that you are a novice baker. Hope you enjoyed eating them.

  8. Pretty pictures Nayana. Sunlight entering the home makes everything so bright and beautiful just as these photos show. Looking forward to future Happy Home posts :) i am loving it!!


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