March Flashback

Have a happy and blessed Easter everyone...hope you all are having a great weekend. Its time for the monthly round up you all...Gosh...march is already over..*sigh* but it sure was fun on Cherish Dream Live

Kicked of this month by DIY organizer for kids , such a easy project.

Then I shared progress on playroom and plan ,You all loved it so much, Thank you. I am excited with the changes done and hope to have reveal in April :)

CDL completed 100th post this month and I shared my musings for snow in march :)
Our playroom is in basement, so We completed makeover for the entry to the playroom and I showed you before and after. I love to look at it, every time we go down there :)

I got my very own glue gun this month and tried it for the first time and loved the result... DIY Pebbles it so much.
Shared some great kids art display inspirations...including one in our playroom and then took you all to the tour of walls in my home..

Last DIY of the month was $1 twig the rustic charm :)

Next I showed off modern shelves in my home with traditional goodies from back home

This month I shared the recipe of some yummy in my tummy kind of Chocolate covered pretzel rods

Ended the month with Happy home post.....
In between all this we saw two beautiful home tours on CDL..First we toured beautiful home of Madhu in Chennai, followed by tour of ethnic Indian home of Naini in Chicago ....

I also shared few things here n there on my facebook page other then blog posts...Pretty exciting month for CDL...Hope you all enjoyed as much as I did.
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A Happy Home

Last month I did a happy home for the first time and you all loved it as much as I loved writing from now on every month I will do one happy home post ...


Happy home is west facing so its getting abundant of sunlight...I specially love it in the evening.


My bro-in-law send this "murti" of Lord Swaminarayan last summer..its been in this attire all winter so I thought I would share it before I change wagha(cloths)


Happy home celebrated two birthdays this month...My son Om and Hubby's birthdays are one day apart....home made eggless chocolate cupcakes with nutela icing from many treats we have had this month :) Be nice you all...I am a novice baker, was icing it for the first time :)


and here is the one were kiddo playing in happy home...


Now happy home also gets tons of laundry which I need to see ya tomorrow :)
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Chocolate covered pretzel rods/sticks

To make this Yummy treats you need
- Pretzel sticks/rods

I wanted to make this for kids so I cut pretzel rods in half and dipped the cut side in to chocolate.

-Milk chocolate chips
I used Wilton's candy melt

- Sprinklers of your choice 
This is optional if you want plain chocolate pretzels
I used Rainbow sprinklers, Coconut powder and almond poweder

- Cookie sheet covered with wax paper to put dipped pretzels.

Recipe :
Microwave chocolate chips for 1 min, stirring in between at 30 seconds. do not overheat as the chocolate will crack when dried. after 1 min when I looked it didn't look completely melted but when I stirred it was. I melted chocolate in small batch at a time.

Once the chocolate is melted dip the pretzel rods. if you are using bigger roads spread the chocolate with spoon or knife half way up. drip away excess chocolate by twisting the rods.

Iimmediately sprinkle sprinklers of your choice. keep plate or wax paper underneath. Once the pretzel is coated with sprinklers put on wax paper covered cookie sheet.

Coconut ones are mine and hubby's favorite and my son loves rainbow sprinkler ones.
Note: I stacked them on cookie sheet only when they were dried to make a room for some more. when you are putting them initially on cookie sheet keep them little apart so they don't stick to each other.

Repeat this procedure until you have coated all pretzels.

Let it dry...mine was dried and ready in about half our. I stored them in air tight container.


We love the combination of sweet and salty, I have also tried pretzel squares with Hershey's kisses and m&m. will share some other time...

I am not a foodie person but neither is my son but he gets so excited when I cook, bake something new which inspires me to try new things. does this happen to you?
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Modern meets traditional.....

We installed Shelves in Jan 2012 in our dining room wall. Back then we did not have much of the treasure to display but slowly we have added a few items, I love metal items and specially our traditional Indian brass items...I am happy that my collection is slowly growing...


I love how modern shelves lighten ups the traditional items...


I do get asked about the shelves a lot....I have purchased them from Bed bath and beyond. I think they were $39.99 and I am pretty sure I had used 20% coupon :)


Installing them was a bit of a pain. It does comes with templates but nail position on the template were not aligned with the position on shelves.  So we had to check for each shelf and mark the position on template. 

We first arranged it on the floor and decided on layout. Then we put the templates on the wall using painters tape. Hubby did a great job on installing them.

And Now I have added my  DIY Twig mirror

So do you mix traditional item with modern elements or have a crush on metal/brass items?
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DIY Twig Mirror

Few days ago I was gathering few branches in my yard for a project (which did not happen) and I came across a thick branches and it hit me so I got the Branches inside and took out $1 dollar store candle plate mirror that I had bought to make sunburst mirror :) 


This is the only supply you need - Tree branches - mirror - Glue gun -Pruner

This is was one of the project where I did not have clear picture of the finished project and I went with the flow.

There were not many round branches so started cutting them using pruner. I arranged them in a way that I could make twig frame. I had to try so many arrangements and when I liked the look I hot glued branches to mirror.


I took it near the window and took few shots but I wasn't entirely happy with the branches were not perfectly round I did not like the mirror showing up from side.


So I put the mirror back on table, cut few more pieces of branches, went with the flow and started arranging on sides.


and when I was happy with the layout I hot glued them...


I put the finished mirror on the bathroom wall...there is no natural light so its hard to take good picture...


I felt that it looks kind of small all alone so I moved it and put it on the shelf which I will show you tomorrow with updated shelves. I think the trio of this would look great or I may pair it with other mirror arrangement in future.

I thought of painting the branches but for now I like the rustic look , I can always paint later when I need change. If you want colored branches, spray paint it before you hot glue them so it will be easier. If you do not have glue gun , I think crazy glue will also work. This is my 2nd DIY with glue gun and I like my glue adds new idea in my head.

Let the walls do the talking....

When you have a small kids you tends to put more things on wall then on floor :)


We have an open plan living dining room. Red hand embroidered piece is a 12 ft long wall hanging on flat arch that separates both room. There are many stalls for traditional clothes, bed spreads, hanging at law garden, Ahmedabad, India. I bought this piece from one of the stall. I gave red cloth and measurement to the tailor who stitched embroidered piece on red cloth with piping and made some hooks. we hung with push pins. I am guessing this piece probably belonged to kutchi woman/artisan before.

Canvas print you see is of Lord Swaminrayan in his childhood form as Nilkanth Varni. we liked the vintage effect and serenity and calmness it brings to the space.

Photo gallery was the first thing we created in this house. frames are modern choice but I like the play of old and new. Bird mobile hanging in the corner was made by my sister and sis -in-law using tiniest beads and sea shells(kodi)

Red diagonal wall hangings are in pair which was hand embroidered by my sis-in-law hangs on both sides of flat arches.


Day light savings are in effect and I like that the days are getting longer...our house is west facing and get a lots of afternoon sunshine which I adore except 2 hot summer months. Sunshine makes the mood to take out the camera....and I seriously did not climbed on the chair to take few shots...well may be I did :)

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Inspirations - Kids art display ideas

Want to display your kids art somewhere else then Refrigerator *wink*. Here are some inspirations..:)

Create easily removable frames using painter's tape
Via Real simple via CherishDreamLive on Pinterest

Hang them through paper clip on wood board....
Via alittleofthis---alittleofthat via CherishDreamLive on Pinterest

Arts hanging through wire or twine.....
Via CherishDreamLive on Pinterest
via CherishDreamLive on Pinterest

Clipboard art center...
via cleanandscentsible via CherishDreamLive on Pinterest

Or just put them on the wall with double sided tape...And we chose do go with that....
Via faiblessed via CherishDreamLive on Pinterest

I love how we can add as we have more arts and now its filled till bottom of the wall...will show you on playroom reveal...
via our playroom
How do you display kids art in your home? Are you inspired to try any of this options?

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