Obsessed with Air plants

You all know how I love plants and love to bring them inside. my latest obsession - air plants. They are also called as Tillandsia. I do not wanted to go in local nurseries in search for them so pulled the plug and ordered few to try through etsy, Hope they arrive fast :)

Here how they look like, no roots. some mature plants even change color and also give flowers.

They do no need to be potted in soil, just soaked them in water about once a week or mist them with water regularly...will find out more when I start caring for my plants.

Here are some stunning inspirations so you can see why I am so obsessed..

Put them in Cube Aerium

Mount them on to driftwood
via Etsy

Hang them through air plant pods

Put them in to clear glass bubble planters
via WestElm

Attach wire and plant them in to pots
Or just put them in bowls
So do you love these beauties?have you tried them?If so,I would love to have some tips and if you have not tried, are you inspired now to bring them in to you home?


  1. Wow.. They are my current obsession too.. Got them from amazon.. They are lovely!!

  2. Wow.. They are my current obsession too.Ordered them from Amazon. They are so cute!!

  3. I've never even hear of these! So neat!

  4. I have such a black thumb that I even killed air plants! I hope you have better luck with yours.
    Hugs, Sherry

  5. I have the same obsession. Do you think we are just ready for Spring!!! I just ordered about 10 from Etsy myself. Even spent the extra to have the "heat pack" inside the box, as our weather and temperature is so crazy right now. I hope you post when you get them, cause I want to see what you have done with the little guys. Good luck growing. I can't wait to get my box as well. :)

    1. Thank you Diane...it's good to know that I am not the only one :) I will definitely post how I am displaying them.

  6. I like how you can hang them up. It looks nice and cool.

  7. The ideas here look simply great...wonderful to add a green touch to your home in a beautiful way.

    1. Thanks Vandana, you have a wonderful site and blog...is there a way to write a comment on your blog without signing up.

  8. Wow these air plants looks lovely and definitely will be a great addition to home.

  9. I can see why! These are lovely. Thanks for sharing your finds with us!


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