New favourite corner in the house

few days back, I was sitting on sofa in the living room and reading something, my son was playing on the rug and constantly moving, jumping ,turning upside down and dragging Ikea rattan stool around the house and this happens so many times :) so I had to find some good place for it so the stool can witness many more happy days of our life...ha..ha...

I had plant on the floor beside the media console so I put the plant on the stool in that corner, but it felt little lonely so came another plant but still felt something missing. I wanted somewhat earthy feeling so came down to rescue my Buddha statue and it felt complete.

you have seen our entryway here. we don't have big foyer and this is the first thing you see from the door as soon as you come inside the house and it makes me happy :)


one more picture for you because I can not resist playing with the effects :)


So do you love including house plants in to your decor? does plants make you happy too?
p.s. did you take a peek at our media console?

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  1. If your media console is that fabulous piece of rustic furniture beside the plants, yes I did peek. Love your zen entry!

  2. Lovely.Plants add life to everything around.And I do love incorporating the green element in my house too.

  3. The setup looks so perfect!

    I love to have plants in the house but somehow that is just not happening in the new place. Alas!

  4. Beautiful corner Nayana!! Perfect setting to welcome visitors. Lovely Buddha & plants.

  5. Gorgeous setup!! This makes for a stunning entry view.
    PS.- me just loves getting my greens inside.
    Thanks for visiting my blog..Hope to see you more there!


  6. it was your blog in Fb group...!!! lovely... I'm your new follower !

  7. what a great little spot, and i love that ottoman. or is it a poof? regardless-yay.

    1. Thank you. ottomon is not a poof...its a rattan stool from Ikea.

  8. Even if you do not have a big foyer some of the old houses in my area ( Including mine ) have no foyer at all! :)
    I have a 1917 bungalow and you walk right into the living room from the porch
    I like your restful Buddha setting / vignette...very attractive ! :)

  9. Nayana, I simply LOVE this! Pinning it now :)

  10. oh my gosh.. how gorgeous.. what a lovely corner.. loved it!! :)


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