LOVE canvas art

Hello hello hello...Happy valentines day to you all my lovelies. I feel that love should be celebrated each day not just on valentines day and make your loved one feel special but there is also nothing wrong with having a special day for celebrating love...

So the morning of special day spent making a LOVE fingerprinting on canvas with my son. It was so much fun for my almost 3 years old and it turned out awesome.
Here is how we did it...

1. I wrote LOVE using painter's tape on canvas of 12x12 size. 

2.Then I gave my son orange fingerpaint in paper dish. He painted whole canvas with his cute fingers :)

3. Once the whole canvas was almost covered with orange paint I give him green color but when he was rubbing too much it got little muddy so I told him to just put green dots with finger not to rub. 

4. Let it dry , remove the masking tape and marvel at your kiddo's creation.

lil mad at my scotch brand painter's tape, never using again. whenever we have used that on wall,it never comes of easily and paint comes off with it. as you can see here that paint went through it and hence no sharp edges for letter, but hubby say "it looks natural" ha ha...I love it because it was made with love and this is my son's first canvas painting.

Instead of love you can also write your child's name and let them fingerpaint. I also feel that with only one color it would have looked better, because once they start rubbing, mixing colors it gets little muddy.

so here is what else cooking up here....


yes,chalk board paint...wondering where I am using it...stay tuned.

So, did you do anything special today?


  1. I absolutely loved it! Contrary to you, I actually liked the idea of using two colors. Good job done by the kiddo :)

    And that small wooden chest is gorgeous. Yes, I peeped in ;)

    I had a simple yet lovely Valentine's Day. Yours looks fun!


  2. Nayana this canvas painting is absolutely wonderful. It has turned out very beautifully. I like your choice for colors & the way l'il hands are applying colors on canvas is so lovely.

  3. Lovely work...thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. That is awesome Nayana. Gonna try it with my kiddos too. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with the chalk board paint.


  5. Thanks Tanya...for two color the color choice needs to be little yellow and orange otherwise it gets little muddy...

  6. Thanks Disha, Deepi and Vidya!

  7. This is gorgeous Nayana...the feel of paint is always great!Nice work here...It's been ages since I have done this!
    Thanks for your visit, comment and Like :) Liked your page too :D
    Good Day!

  8. What a lovely idea, and it has come out so well. Your blog is always so full of ideas, and one can learn so much from them. I am sure if we can show love in such innovative ways there may never be any chance for misunderstanding or hurt in any relationship.

  9. How beautiful it has turned out. Love the tape alphabet idea..gorgeous
    Thank you so much for appreciating my
    Heart Shaped Box

  10. Found you over at Tip Junkie! I'd love for you to come link this up at my Tuesday Time Out!
    Melanie Reasons To Skip The Housework

  11. absolutely loved this idea... well done.. it looks beautiful!! :)

  12. It looks lovely...frfinitely next on my agenda...:-)
    Thanks for sharing

  13. How beautiful....really love this love ....♥

  14. Very nice day for kids..gonna try this for sure...


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