Glass jar photo frames - Reuse and Recycle

Hey hey you all, how are you? missed me? hmmm...a whole year without post, well not exactly a year -few day short :) well last time when I posted it was valentines day and as I write today 7 days to go for it.

Thanks you for so many wonderful blog friends who have asked about me.well, I was right here the whole time pinning a whole lot and sometimes even execute it too:) checking in to your blogs*secret* and admiring all creativity, just didn't feel like posting. so here I am today with no RESOLUTION, no commitment and I feel so free, right! free no baggage or obligation to post and that has motivated me to post :) and I have a wonderful project to share and best part it doesn't cost a dime,yeaaah and give a wonderful feeling that you have reused and recycled somthing :)

Recycled glass jar and bottle photo frames- source of inspiration Pinterest

First of all you need is selection of different shaped glass jar and bottles, I already had a good collection thanks to my habit of arranging flowers in glass jar and bottles. I already had jars without labels but if you are starting first remove the lables and clean jars.

Select the pictures from you collection to put in the jars.
Measure the height of the flat part of jars and bottles and trim the photo neatly to fit the flat part of the jar. You can always use Rular, pencil and knife to get exact measurement and trim but if you know me, I am so impatient so I just kept photo beside the flat part of jar , randomly measure and trimmed the photos using scissor :)
Now roll the photo keeping the image side outwards and insert in to jars upside down and in bottles upside up(is that how you writ it?) you don't want bottles to fall by putting them upside down. You might need to adjust the photo little bit specially in bottles.

Now arrange jars and bottles anyway you like and display, I have displayed it on my entryway shelf which you saw earlier here.
Isn't this super easy, my kind of DIY :) so have you played with your photos recently, I think it about time to do that, what do you say? Linking it to Sunny simple saturday, Colours DekorHome sweet home ,Table top tuesdays , Tip me Tuesdays


  1. You are back with a bang, Nayana :)
    Loved the idea and love Pinterest!

    Good to see you back. That break has sure refreshed you. When blogging is all about fun, we should not let it become a burden. A break well deserved, though we did miss you here.


  2. Just cute as can be.
    Over from Sunny Simple...and I just linked to follow.
    I have a great candle giveaway going...come on over. :)

  3. Super cool idea Nayana, I missed you very badly on blogland!! Welcome back and now I'll be visiting your blog regularly :)

  4. such an awesome Idea, very very pretty!

  5. Very functional post... and yeah until you pointed out, didn't realize we had posted something related to photo display :)

  6. WOW this is superb...recycling and a beautiful handmade photoframe rolled into one!!

  7. Thank you all for wonderful comments...

  8. Beautiful idea, I am surely going to do it. Thanks for sharing this idea.

    1. Rama...if you try it I would love to see the share it :)

  9. I love this! what a clever idea!

  10. Oh I love.. love this idea.. soooooooooooooo creative and cute!! :)

  11. This is so cute!! Awesome idea, I'll definitely try it! :)

    1. Thanks Ella..if you do try it..i would love to see the pics.

  12. How on earth you come up with these wonderful ideas...very creative


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