Easy Placemat Pillow

yes, A placemat pillow.Few days I came across this idea of place mat turned in to pillow on Pinterest  so When I saw blue Ikat placemat at kohls on clearance for $1.50 , I knew it will look perfect with Ikat bedding in our guest room.Usually the placemat are rectangular so they can turn in to good lumbar pillow but the placemat I found is square so I will have a square throw pillow.

To make a pillow out of placemat, you will need a linen placemat that is double layer.

Sorry, I forgot to take pic of the placemat :)

step 1: carefully rip out the seam at one end of placemat or in the middle, don't rip too much just enough that you can put your fist through.
step 2: you will need a stuffing to fill your placemats and make pillow. I had old thin standard bed pillow that we were not using anymore so I ripped that pillow and fluffed the stuffing before inserting in to placemat. I ended up using half of the stuffing so I still have some to make another placemat pillow :)If you need to buy stuffing you can always get at craft stores like Joann.

 Now, after filling it I realized , it would be better to rip in the middle so you have easier access to stuff all corners....lesson learned :)

Step 3:Stitch the hole of your fluffy pillow with needle and matching thread. I did not have blue thread so I used black one but I guess its not noticeable and If you are too lazy to stitch I think hot glue will also work, try it and let me know :)

Step 4: You are done so sit back, relax and enjoy your pillow and if you are too tired after making an easy peasy pillow take a nap.

See, I bet you can't notice the stitches.


So do you have any placemat pillow? if not, are you inspired to make some? I know, I will be always looking for good placemats to make pillows :) 

Rectangle place mats also can turn in to beautiful lumbar pillow. 

P.s. I have a beautiful home tour coming up later this week...stay tuned!!


  1. I like your pillow because I like blue and also like ikat patterns. I actually have been looking for blue ikat fabric or better yet napkins already made. I was in Kohls today and missed the placemat but our store nearby is small. Lucky you.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. I purchased mine at kohls online.

  2. Awesome. I'm making a couple of pillows covers right now but I hadn't seen this method before. What a great idea! And I love that Ikat print.

  3. Wonderful and clever idea Nayana!! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. I love the Ikat fabric and you sure can't beat the cost for a new pillow. Great idea and it looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing your project at the Open House party.
    xx, Sherry

  5. Oh how lovely... I like what you've done.. I also like the new colours on the blog.. :) Thanks for dropping by.... hope you have an awesome week ahead..


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