Coveting a coffee table

If you have seen our living room then you would know that coffee table in there is in no state of calling it one and we would never keep it there with my toddler around because its sharp corner can easily injure him so I started looking around for good coffee table, may be my choice is more traditional, rustic or industrial and below are the ones I narrowed down..


world market
world market

West elm

all 3 via Homedecorators

So after looking at these beautiful options you would think that we have narrowed it down and purchased one....well that is not the case. I showed this options to my dear hubby and after discussion we have decided we will not got with any of them because we do not want to take away the freedom of my son playing in living room and hurt himself while bumping in to it. However we do need something to put as coffee table, so we have decided to go with ottoman so another search begins :).... 

So do you have any ideas for the kid friendly coffee table?


  1. Awesome ones here!

    I particularly like the round ones. Would save you kid from accidental injuries. And the picture from Pottery Barn is so inspirational :)

  2. Awesome post!! I liked the first one.

  3. You ladies are making me want to reconsider the round Ballard design table :)

  4. Yes, no harm in waiting for your son to grow, and i am sure you will be able to pick up whatever you want soon in the future.

  5. woow beautiful post. first time ur blog am following u . glad if u will follow me back.

    1. Thanks for stoping by...followed ya back.

  6. oh what lovely images.. I think mines the 4th one!! totally love the rest as well..


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