Obsessed with Air plants

You all know how I love plants and love to bring them inside. my latest obsession - air plants. They are also called as Tillandsia. I do not wanted to go in local nurseries in search for them so pulled the plug and ordered few to try through etsy, Hope they arrive fast :)

Here how they look like, no roots. some mature plants even change color and also give flowers.

They do no need to be potted in soil, just soaked them in water about once a week or mist them with water regularly...will find out more when I start caring for my plants.

Here are some stunning inspirations so you can see why I am so obsessed..

Put them in Cube Aerium

Mount them on to driftwood
via Etsy

Hang them through air plant pods

Put them in to clear glass bubble planters
via WestElm

Attach wire and plant them in to pots
Or just put them in bowls
So do you love these beauties?have you tried them?If so,I would love to have some tips and if you have not tried, are you inspired now to bring them in to you home?

A Happy Home

For me a happy home is....
 filled with laughter of a kid

A sense of Calmness or serenity

Smell of a good food and flower

Surrounded by things you love and have a meaning

and loving family

What is a happy home for you?

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A Colourful Home Of Mihaela Balan

Holla...how are you all? Ready to see a beautiful home of Mihaela Balan. Spring is around the corner and I bet you all will in mood of spring and summer after looking at her colorful, amazing home.
Warning:There are lots of pretty pictures :)

Mihaela Balan lives in her own apartment in the heart of the city in Iasi, Romania - Eastern Europe. Her flat is small (770sqf) with open plan living room/ kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies. She work full time in an advertising agency and her blog is just an outlet for her passion, which is interior design.

She started her blog to show everyone that even in a small apartment, with a very limited budget, you can create a beautiful, cozy and inviting home. She shares lots of DIY projects on her blog.
Her style is eclectic and love to mix new and old, different colors, different textures and different styles.
She thinks that the best things in life are free and that COLOR is one of them. She loves color and says it is the easiest way to unify different styles and the shortest way to a room make-over. I bet you all will agree after looking at her home.
Here is her happy entryway with DIY painted walls...yellow just shines through....
yellow entryway 1 entry

Mihaela changes her decor all the time and decorate for different season..Here is the same living room decorated different ways.
 beach themed living room
beachy room 2

Turquoise living room
turquoise living room 3 turquoise living room 2 
Mihaela wants to show people that even in a small space you can combine what you've already got.
Her tip :Just switch the art pieces and the furniture from one room to another and completely re-invent your space.
Lets look at her home office -She created that DIY faux wallpaper
Mad Hatter office 1 homeoffice

Her white kitchen and then turned it to pink :)
kitchen white pink kitchen 11
Her cheery spring bedroom
spring bedroom 11
Valentine Bedroom - she creates the most beautiful vignettes and the herart pillow she made it her self out of what? well you gotta check out her blog :)
valentine bedroom
and her zen balcony...its truly remarkable how she turned her small balcony in this wonderful outdoor space.
small balcony after 3

Would you like to see how she created this wonderful home, hop over to her blog Meeha Meeha and don't forget to follow her:) all images by Mihaela.

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Easy Placemat Pillow

yes, A placemat pillow.Few days I came across this idea of place mat turned in to pillow on Pinterest  so When I saw blue Ikat placemat at kohls on clearance for $1.50 , I knew it will look perfect with Ikat bedding in our guest room.Usually the placemat are rectangular so they can turn in to good lumbar pillow but the placemat I found is square so I will have a square throw pillow.

To make a pillow out of placemat, you will need a linen placemat that is double layer.

Sorry, I forgot to take pic of the placemat :)

step 1: carefully rip out the seam at one end of placemat or in the middle, don't rip too much just enough that you can put your fist through.
step 2: you will need a stuffing to fill your placemats and make pillow. I had old thin standard bed pillow that we were not using anymore so I ripped that pillow and fluffed the stuffing before inserting in to placemat. I ended up using half of the stuffing so I still have some to make another placemat pillow :)If you need to buy stuffing you can always get at craft stores like Joann.

 Now, after filling it I realized , it would be better to rip in the middle so you have easier access to stuff all corners....lesson learned :)

Step 3:Stitch the hole of your fluffy pillow with needle and matching thread. I did not have blue thread so I used black one but I guess its not noticeable and If you are too lazy to stitch I think hot glue will also work, try it and let me know :)

Step 4: You are done so sit back, relax and enjoy your pillow and if you are too tired after making an easy peasy pillow take a nap.

See, I bet you can't notice the stitches.


So do you have any placemat pillow? if not, are you inspired to make some? I know, I will be always looking for good placemats to make pillows :) 

Rectangle place mats also can turn in to beautiful lumbar pillow. 

P.s. I have a beautiful home tour coming up later this week...stay tuned!!

Chalkboard kitchen pantry door

I love chalkboards. I always dreamed of having small chalkboard in wooden frame on easel on top of our fridge where I can write little notes. I love chalkboard labels, doors, walls almost everything. recently I moved my son's step2 easel to our basement playroom so I needed something on main living area where he can write, draw, scribble...but i did not want to have any space on the wall to occupied on chalkboard so then came in the mind is pantry door.

Here is how our pantry door looked before...brown wood door in the corner is pantry door..its an old photo...forgot to take pic before painting :)
I have never painted anything in my life before unless you count my watercolor experiments :)....so off I went to Home depot for chalkboard paint. I looked in the paint isle and found Rustoleum chalkboard paint, read the instructions. it said if painting on bare wood need a primer. So I went to the lady on the front and explained what i want to do and she told me to buy BEHR paint+primer color sample because I wanted to paint only one door so don't need much. she mixed the color and made black for me.

Now before you start painting, you might want to remove the knob or put a painter tape so you don't have to worry about paint touching the knob. I just used painters tape.

First I applied 2 coats of BEHR black paint on door, one is at noon and second coat at night...

then I applied 2 coats of Rustoleum chalkboard paint same way..

As per instructions...after painting I waited for 3 days to write.....You can see all the chalk dust on door because I condition the surface by rubbing chalk piece on sideways...

here is the fun before and after...
IMG_5693 photo (4)

for the first time painting...I find it super easy and ready to have fun with more paints...

Because we are having so much fun with it here is one more pic with happy face :) I use top part to write lil msgs or mostly grocery list and bottom part is being used by my son.

photo (3)

And here is ill bin I use to store chalkboard on counter so we have chalks ready when we need to wrie.

So are you a chalkboard fan like me?have any fun chalkboard in the house or inspired to create one? 

LOVE canvas art

Hello hello hello...Happy valentines day to you all my lovelies. I feel that love should be celebrated each day not just on valentines day and make your loved one feel special but there is also nothing wrong with having a special day for celebrating love...

So the morning of special day spent making a LOVE fingerprinting on canvas with my son. It was so much fun for my almost 3 years old and it turned out awesome.
Here is how we did it...

1. I wrote LOVE using painter's tape on canvas of 12x12 size. 

2.Then I gave my son orange fingerpaint in paper dish. He painted whole canvas with his cute fingers :)

3. Once the whole canvas was almost covered with orange paint I give him green color but when he was rubbing too much it got little muddy so I told him to just put green dots with finger not to rub. 

4. Let it dry , remove the masking tape and marvel at your kiddo's creation.

lil mad at my scotch brand painter's tape, never using again. whenever we have used that on wall,it never comes of easily and paint comes off with it. as you can see here that paint went through it and hence no sharp edges for letter, but hubby say "it looks natural" ha ha...I love it because it was made with love and this is my son's first canvas painting.

Instead of love you can also write your child's name and let them fingerpaint. I also feel that with only one color it would have looked better, because once they start rubbing, mixing colors it gets little muddy.

so here is what else cooking up here....


yes,chalk board paint...wondering where I am using it...stay tuned.

So, did you do anything special today?

Coveting a coffee table

If you have seen our living room then you would know that coffee table in there is in no state of calling it one and we would never keep it there with my toddler around because its sharp corner can easily injure him so I started looking around for good coffee table, may be my choice is more traditional, rustic or industrial and below are the ones I narrowed down..


world market
world market

West elm

all 3 via Homedecorators

So after looking at these beautiful options you would think that we have narrowed it down and purchased one....well that is not the case. I showed this options to my dear hubby and after discussion we have decided we will not got with any of them because we do not want to take away the freedom of my son playing in living room and hurt himself while bumping in to it. However we do need something to put as coffee table, so we have decided to go with ottoman so another search begins :).... 

So do you have any ideas for the kid friendly coffee table?

New favourite corner in the house

few days back, I was sitting on sofa in the living room and reading something, my son was playing on the rug and constantly moving, jumping ,turning upside down and dragging Ikea rattan stool around the house and this happens so many times :) so I had to find some good place for it so the stool can witness many more happy days of our life...ha..ha...

I had plant on the floor beside the media console so I put the plant on the stool in that corner, but it felt little lonely so came another plant but still felt something missing. I wanted somewhat earthy feeling so came down to rescue my Buddha statue and it felt complete.

you have seen our entryway here. we don't have big foyer and this is the first thing you see from the door as soon as you come inside the house and it makes me happy :)


one more picture for you because I can not resist playing with the effects :)


So do you love including house plants in to your decor? does plants make you happy too?
p.s. did you take a peek at our media console?

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Glass jar photo frames - Reuse and Recycle

Hey hey you all, how are you? missed me? hmmm...a whole year without post, well not exactly a year -few day short :) well last time when I posted it was valentines day and as I write today 7 days to go for it.

Thanks you for so many wonderful blog friends who have asked about me.well, I was right here the whole time pinning a whole lot and sometimes even execute it too:) checking in to your blogs*secret* and admiring all creativity, just didn't feel like posting. so here I am today with no RESOLUTION, no commitment and I feel so free, right! free no baggage or obligation to post and that has motivated me to post :) and I have a wonderful project to share and best part it doesn't cost a dime,yeaaah and give a wonderful feeling that you have reused and recycled somthing :)

Recycled glass jar and bottle photo frames- source of inspiration Pinterest

First of all you need is selection of different shaped glass jar and bottles, I already had a good collection thanks to my habit of arranging flowers in glass jar and bottles. I already had jars without labels but if you are starting first remove the lables and clean jars.

Select the pictures from you collection to put in the jars.
Measure the height of the flat part of jars and bottles and trim the photo neatly to fit the flat part of the jar. You can always use Rular, pencil and knife to get exact measurement and trim but if you know me, I am so impatient so I just kept photo beside the flat part of jar , randomly measure and trimmed the photos using scissor :)
Now roll the photo keeping the image side outwards and insert in to jars upside down and in bottles upside up(is that how you writ it?) you don't want bottles to fall by putting them upside down. You might need to adjust the photo little bit specially in bottles.

Now arrange jars and bottles anyway you like and display, I have displayed it on my entryway shelf which you saw earlier here.
Isn't this super easy, my kind of DIY :) so have you played with your photos recently, I think it about time to do that, what do you say? Linking it to Sunny simple saturday, Colours DekorHome sweet home ,Table top tuesdays , Tip me Tuesdays

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