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Hello, hello, hello my lovelies, How are you all doing? Month of Jan is almost over and I am happy and it feels like spring is around the corner. In my part of world we didn't get extrem cold this year and it only snowed once...well I should cross my finger because Feb isn't over yet....and before I know it we will be buried under two feet of snow*smile*

Stores are starting to getting stocked with summer supplies and my mind I am deciding which plants to plant this spring...well there is 2 more month for lets get to business...shall we?*wink*

Today I am here to show you *some* of the playroom:)

For my almost 2 year old's books I chose Ikea's spice rack as bookcase...
We bought 4 of them, it comes unassembled ,we spray painted it in Rustoleum gloss white. first primed and then two coats of gloass white spray paint.

 Assembled it and k hung it all vertically. It holds lot of books, my son can reach lower two rack and it holds his fav books so he can take them out anytime he wants...and put them back:)


For storage I have chose Ikea's TROFAST storage system, which is great for organizing and distributing small toys. for big toys I keep one big bin which holds most of them and considering playroom only gets half of his toy stash because we keep half of his toys,books upstairs to play so its working very well.


I also bought one of the TROFAST wall storage unit in white


Which in future holds small items for craft,paint those small bins, right now we are using it without bins as shelf..


see the slots inside which will hold the bins in future....
Put together everything and it looks like this.....


and from another angle..


CLICK HERE to see playroom reveal with many fun ideas...


  1. What a super idea and such great pieces to hold books. I love how you have them on the wall. Great look. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  2. Lovely idea Nayana and looks super cool .

  3. Lovely Nayana... Love all those Storage ideas...

    Com'n Ikea ... when are you guys coming to Chennai ?

  4. hey nayana....i guess we share our thoughts and this point let me tell u something. while i was deciding on a name for my dummy project in College, of course long time ago.....the first name that came to my mind was Dream Spaces...and the punch line was Dream...Live....& Cherish. I later re-coined the name to Cherishing Spaces. So every time I visit your blog...i remember this....:)Keep in touch

  5. they are so neat and lovely!! like the layout as well

  6. they look so cute and neat


  7. Thanks everyone. Vasudha - that is so nice to hear:)

  8. Great job! I especially like the "bookshelves". Everything is so nice and neat/tidy.

  9. A job well done, everything looks absolutely beautiful and very neat.
    Where did you buy that blue cycle, for I have the same one, same color without the man riding it.It has a small black box at the back where there is battery, and when it is on the cycle would go round and round on its own with a fast music.
    We don't have little children, but we like to buy such toys, and i bought in Bangalore from roadside seller.

  10. Hey Nayana!!! Where have you been? WOW!! this place looks so lovely and lovely. Very befitting for a kids room with so much color and vibrancy. Your son is going to have a great time in that space :-)

  11. A colorful and organized space which would make any child and parent very happy. Well done! New follower via Colours Dekor.

  12. That is such a colourful gorgeous looking room!! Love the idea of changing the spice racks into bookshelves.. well done! Wow!!

  13. Hi Nayana,
    I am writing to let you know that I picked you for the Liebster Blog Award.
    Stop by my blog to get the details!


  14. ths s simply superb...the way u arranged s ultimate....

  15. These are a great way to store stuff not just for a kids playroom but also for crafters.

  16. Loved all the shelf storage in your son's room. The books look so cute in them.

  17. gr8 looks very orgnised by using spice racks for books..:)

  18. Love your playroom!! All the colors and those awesome bookshelves - a great incentive for kids to read!!


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